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Learn | 03.03.2023

Stonerpedia: Why Are Tech Workers Turning To Cannabis?

Cannabis could be the ally you're looking for to cope with your tech job.

Work and marijuana are more closely related than ever. There are many ongoing discussions about the use of weed at work, with some claiming that it makes them more productive while others would never consider such a thing. 

There are several factors to weigh regarding cannabis use at work—from the legality of it to the internal work policies and the convenience of consuming some cannabis at work. 

Another relevant factor is knowing the best strains to consume when you have a job in technology.

Current Situation

It’s no secret that working from home has been normalized thanks to the pandemic, which is a real blessing. But more than ever, this gives rise to mixing work environments with extracurricular activities, such as consuming a little weed.

In its work environment, the tech world is a highly competitive space that requires its employees to be at their best, not to mention the high level of concentration and attention to detail needed in most jobs or projects. 

Because of this, many tech workers are turning to cannabis for additional support to accomplish their work tasks, which include long hours in front of the screen.

Why Are They Doing It?

Well, the answer is not so simple. The tech world can be incredibly stressful, which involves constant focus and concern about meeting goals and objectives.

Additionally, general technology has many points that must be monitored, and a job as a software developer, data analyst, or any other technical field must always be at the forefront.

Whether it is because of the stressful work environment, the pressure to meet objectives, the levels of concentration and attention required, or to complement their daily activity—technology workers find a great ally in even the smallest amounts of weed. 


What About Companies?

When deciding on the direction of their work culture, employers should consider the field they are in and any federal and state legal prohibitions that may exist, considering the needs and preferences of workers. 

The issue is especially interesting in the technology industry—perceived by many as weed-friendly. It’s the field with the most workers who include weed in their work environment.

Studies have found that people working in technology have used weed while working, with a high percentage doing so at least once a month. 

For some tech workers, occasionally consuming weed while working is comparable to drinking coffee and more natural than taking a stimulant like Adderall.

And it’s not like tech employees are stoners who smoke cannabis all day. Balance is key, and a little weed now and then helps relax and change the perspective on work.

Final Opinion

Maybe getting high at work isn’t for everyone, and your employer won’t look kindly at it. But there’s no doubt that a joint after a long day at work can change your perspective and ease heavy workloads. 

Cannabis is an ally for many ailments and everyday situations, which can go a long way in easing the workload of a stressful technological environment when used wisely and in the right amounts.

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