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The Strongest Concentrates In California

We keep hearing talk about all the hottest concentrates to try. We have taken the lead and explored everywhere to create this list of the strongest concentrates in California.

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Although dabs have been around since the dawn of concentrate technology, industry regulations and improved extraction methods have brought an ever-increasing number of potent concentrates to market.

Shatter, wax, and oil are just the beginning. Now with enough cannabis to push THC limits to staggering heights, this super-concentrated cannabis can be turned into perfectly dabbed material.


Humboldt Farms

Photo courtesy of Humboldt Farms

Famous for sun-grown freshness, these are the truest curators of earth. Humboldt Farms is devoted to sustaining the body and soul while exhilarating the mind. The goal is to deepen our connection to the natural world and rehabilitate the health of our planet.

Creating live resin has become a truly inspirational art form. Preserving the cannabinoids by immediately freezing after harvest is what drives that flavor and scent to the next level. With unmatched flavor profiles, these concentrates are as intense as the effects. From farm to dab, you can’t get any fresher than that.   

Jetty Extracts

Photo courtesy of Jetty

An authentic in the extracts game. Jetty Extracts has been bringing the world some of the finest pesticide-free smokables for almost a decade. Small batch concentrates really focus the attention on the craft of extraction.

With a vast variety of flavors and consistencies, the only thing you have to worry about is having enough gas in your lighter(s).

Badder, sugar, sauce, and all the flavors that may seem endless, but don’t worry you’ll make it through. The crazy thing is, these really taste the how you’d think they would. Live badder whipped to perfection, terpenes, and THCa crystalizing sh*t on their own, and of course using heat and pressure for that diamond finish.

Every process is special and focuses on the preservation of flavor and potency.  


Photo courtesy of Tutti

A leader in the world of freezing the absolute f**k out of weed, Tutti knows just what it takes to keep the buds at peak freshness. The best part is that all of these amazing goods are within that stoner budget. Sugar diamonds, sauce, shatter and hash each available in your favorite strain.

These concentrates are nothing but what they say they are, cannabinoids and terpenes.           

Tutti is crafted for all your random session adventures. Sprinkle some keif in your bowl, joint, blunt, or bong to kick that potency up a notch. Tutti in Italian means intended for all and that is precisely what they are all about.

At the beginning of all the legalizations, there were too many expensive and untrusted names dropping hash like it was just a fad. Then we were introduced to Tutti hash and we were never the same.         

Raw Garden

Photo courtesy of Raw Garden

Known for exceptional cannabis Raw Garden brings expertly concocted cannabis for just the right cohesion. Bringing you only freshest live sauce, resin, diamonds (crushed as well), and of course cartridges. Each with a special terpene profile that makes them stand out on their own. Don’t be fooled by the rack placement at the dispensaries.

The middle shelf does not mean middle quality. Santa Barbara-based brand uses a portion of their own plants into some of the sickest, most pure, and affordable has around. Once the bud is plucked it heads straight into a cryo chilling tunnel that drops the temperature at a rate that resembles flash freezing.

Capture the whole essence of your next dab session with some of the most dope strains out there.    

Binoid Delta 8 Wax

Photo courtesy of Binoid

Binoid’s dabs are carefully formulated from the finest quality Delta 8 extract. Their concentrates are made from high-grade sativa strains, providing a fully balanced mind and body high. Experience the difference with 92% pure Delta 8 THC distillate concentrates, made with a special technology for those who want the most potent product available.

Their insanely pure, solvent-free concentrate has an entourage effect and delivers you a head to toe type high that won’t get you blitzed out or put you to sleep. You are the one in control with quality 100% organic ingredients from Binoid.

Find these in six strain-specific options: Blue Dream, Lemon Squeeze, Fruity Pebbles, OG Kush, Zkittlez, and Pineapple Express.

Exhale Wellness Delta 8 Shatter

This Delta 8 shatter has been refined, researched, and produced to provide immense marijuana flavor alongside a powerful high that will leave you feeling relaxed and euphoric. These dabs have been extracted using clean CO2 mechanisms to ensure total cleanliness and superior quality.

This Exhale Wellness premium shatter doesn’t just provide sweet smells and mouthwatering flavors, but also continues a long tradition of refining, remixing, and perfecting the most iconic cannabis strains in history.

Find these in strains like OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Tangie, and Purple Punch.

Delta Extrax D8 Pearls

Photo courtesy of Delta Extrax

Pineapple. Passion. Power. These are just a few words that describe what this dab is. It’s the perfect blend of fruity sweetness and heavy-handedness. You’ll love it so much, you’ll never want to take off your bong.

Delta Extrax Pearls is the epitome of potent and delicious. It’s a hybrid concentrate that offers amazing and smooth terpenes. It gives you an energy boost, but won’t leave you feeling jittery or out of control. With these dabs, you have a smooth and sweet mix of sativa and indica that will leave you feeling vibrant and upbeat.

710 Labs

Photo courtesy of 710 Labs

Ah yes, the one named after its stoner concentrate holiday. 710 Labs has a variety of extracts ranging from solventless hash to rosin to clean solvent sauce and sugar. Every concentrate is made closely in the same manner, but there’s always something different to really make it pop.

The solventless made rosin, for example, is a simple process that presses the hash or flower between two pieces of hot metal plates. Done right and the result is a beautiful budder or oil depending on the desired outcomes.

This does not mean you can just press your weed with your panini press, waffle iron, or even clothes iron. I mean you could, but the result won’t be the same. Not if you’re looking to get the highest quality sap or sauce.

Using hydrocarbon solvents (meaning organic) helps preserves the sauce and badder. Sugar is the special one, it contains microcrystals of THC for the perfectly balanced terpene to THC ratio.


Photo courtesy of Cresco

Crafted from premium, fresh-frozen weed, Cresco has been silently stealing the hearts of all who smoke it. With concentrates like this, budder, sugar, sauce, and shatter curated at the crest of vigor, for that flavor and aroma that makes every hit smooth and buddery (see what I did there?). Cresco is one of the many leaders in superior cannabis. Savor the hearty essences of your favorite strains and quality distillate.   

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