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Learn | 03.13.2023

Support Your Local Community At Embarc, California’s Most Trusted Dispensary

Calling all California locals: let's find an Embarc location near you.

California has no shortage of dispensaries. However, shops that give back to the community and truly care for your experience are still lacking.

Embarc is changing that. And quickly, too. This California dispensary chain takes pride in serving the communities they operate in a while ensuring you always leave their shop with a smile, be it from exceptional customer service or a product itself.

The dispensary also offers their own line of California sun-grown flower in the following strains:

Read on to learn more about the dispensary that’s making a difference and where to find a shop near you.

About Embarc

Photo courtesy of Embarc

When you think of Embarc, think of community. This California dispensary chain prides itself on combining community, craft, and culture in everything they do.

Embarc donates 1% of sales back to each community they operate in. The brand firmly believes that cannabis can transform lives and be a force of good, from achieving daily wellness to supporting the local community.

Besides values, Embarc has an impressive lineup of products designed for beginners and connoisseurs alike. Their broad range of products and accessories never fails to impress. Plus, Embarc offers them at the fairest prices possible. After all, wellness shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Embarc provides easy and affordable access to the best products on the Californian market. Whenever you purchase from Embarc, know that you’re helping your local community.

Check out Embarc’s dispensary locations below:

  • Alameda: 1616 Webster Street
  • Fairfield: 180 Serrano Dr
  • Fresno: 4592 North Blackstone Ave
  • Martinez: 3503 Alhambra Ave
  • Sacramento: 6233 Mack Rd
  • South Lake Tahoe: 4035 Lake Tahoe Blvd
  • Redwood City: 1870 Broadway

Embarc dispensaries coming soon to California:

  • Ventura
  • Chico
  • Tracy
  • Meyers
  • Contra Costa

Embark On Wellness At Embarc

As mentioned, Embarc’s product catalog is unmatched. Not only do they serve the top-selling brands in California, but also their own branded products, like the three stellar flowers in the Embarc x Traditional collaboration we’ve highlighted below.

SpaceX OG

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This wickedly powerful strain will take you to the moon. It’s a delightful and cosmic strain with a whopping 28.73% THC. Opening the bag smacks the nose with aromas of citrus, pine, and sweet kush, paired with lemony and gasoline flavors with each hit. Expect a heavy body high with a creative yet blissful mental spark.

Orange Runtz

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Who doesn’t love Runtz? This Orange Runtz strain from Embarc will bring connoisseurs to their knees, thanks to the tropical, bright citrus notes and powerhouse potency. Embarc describes this unique strain as “standing in the middle of a citrus grove on a bright sunny day” with your favorite playlist on repeat. Expect pure and utter happiness when puffing on this strain.


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Need something to help you kick back and reflect? Embarc’s Meditations strain is an excellent choice. With equal amounts of sweet berry and citrus flavors, this strain is basically aromatherapy. After a hit, prepare for a state of pure bliss that bestows a boost of energy and mood elevation. Clarity never felt so good.

For more products and information about Embarc, visit their website at

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