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The Evolution Of The “M” From DynaVap: How The “M” Plus Came To Be

Check out DynaVap's YouTube series on how they evolved The "M" to create The "M" Plus.

Since 2017, vaporizer brand DynaVap has been making waves with their best-selling battery-free device, The “M”.

Year after year, the brand would launch a newer rendition of the classic “M” to fit the needs and desires of the modern cannabis consumer. If you’ve been following the brand and its niche culture, you’d know that from 2017 to 2021, DynaVap launched new versions of the “M” device each year.

The form would change, features were different, and each year, DynaVap consumers were eager to get their hands on another new and improved version of their favorite device. That is until 2022.

The Making Of The "M" Plus

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By the end of 2021, DynaVap had launched a new version of the “M” along with other entirely new devices like The Omni and The VonG. During this time, they watched as the economy began faltering, not knowing what the average cannabis user would want, resonate with, and afford.

“The world had changed substantially…a lot of the primary people that were purchasing our product found themselves in a position with less available resources,” says DynaVap founder George Breiwa in the brand’s 6th chapter of their YouTube series about the history and evolution of The “M”.

The cost of living dramatically increased. So, they launched The “B” in 2022, the new entry-level product that introduced consumers to an entirely new device they could rely on and, most importantly, afford.

Come 2023, the team knew it was time to reintroduce an upgraded version of The “M” to the world. They started asking questions about what this device needed to have. Instead of revamping The “M” from past versions, they decided to go against the grain and create a product unlike anything they’ve made before. Enter The “M” Plus.

The 6th "M"

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One of the most notable features of the new device is its finless tip. However, they used the structure of The “B”‘s tip design and made a few changes. Instead of having 5 fins like The “B”, The “M” Plus has none. This unique tip, along with the device’s body, resembles a rocket. At least, that’s what the minds at DynaVap think.

This device is exactly that, a rocket that’s elevating cannabis consumption to new peaks. For the first time ever, DynaVap introduced a heat-here indicator, showing consumers exactly where to heat the device for the best possible outcome, indicated by the dots around the tip.

Furthermore, they increased the tip volume on The “M” Plus by maximizing the width and depth, making more space for flower. Simply put, The “M” Plus was designed for more flower and more extraction. The texture’s different, the grip is different, making it ergonomic and easier to pick up, hold, and use.

The “M” Plus is the culmination of the brand’s past devices, everything they’ve learned, and the feedback they received from you. “It’s been a hell of a ride getting here. As a company, we are very grateful,” explains Breiwa.

Click here to check out The “M” Plus, or visit DynaVap’s website at dynavap.com for more products and information.

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