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Learn | 05.29.2021

The ‘Keychain’ Pipe You Can Take Anywhere

Meet Session Goods Pipe: colorful, stylish, and versatile. The ultimate companion for on-the-go pipe users. Here's everything you should know about it. Created with Session Goods.

One of the best things about getting high is doing things while you are. Everybody has a favorite thing to do when they’re high, for some it might be watching movies, for others it could be going for a walk or long hike, but whatever it is, they all share one thing in common; you need weed on you.

More importantly:

You need an easy and convenient way to smoke it. Some prefer the good ol’ joint, or blunt if your tolerance can take it. We prefer the blunt but having leftovers from a fatty just isn’t something you want.

The problem with joints, on the other hand, is that they generate too much smoke and therefore, a lot of smell.

Photo courtesy of Session Goods

Other options like one-hitters and pipes are probably best if you want to be discreet and make as little smoke as possible. The problem here would be finding one that you can carry anywhere without everybody noticing you have a packed pipe on you.

Not only that:

Pipes might be easy to pack, but only if you’re at home, and if you want to carry a packed pipe it’s usually uncomfortable to do so and hard not to spill the packed bowl.

Not anymore though. You can say goodbye to all those issues with the Session Goods Pipe.

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Versatility At Its Finest

A fun little toy that you can pack easily and take anywhere without the threat of spilling your bowl on the way there. But how did Session Goods manage to do this?

The pipe is covered by a silicone sleeve that comes in 7 different colors. This sleeve not only protects the pipe from falls caused by clumsy hands but also conceals it from any unsuspecting peepers that might not be into weed as much as you and I are.

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But like we said, that’s not even the best part about it. You can use the silicone sleeve as a cover for a packed pipe, allowing you to swing it around easily and keep your bowl leftovers ready for the next time you feel like lighting up.


You won’t even have to carry the pipe yourself.  In fact, you won’t even have to fit it into your bag or jean pockets, you can leave that space empty for things that actually need it, like your wallet and phone. 

The Session Goods Pipe can be clipped onto your belt loops, backpack, or bag, just like a keychain. Leaving your hands free to do whatever you want with them and your pockets empty to carry the more important things.

This is truly a versatile, functional, and fashionable pipe that you can take anywhere.

Things To Do While High

It’s probably more than clear by now that the Session Goods Pipe allows you to enjoy your weed pretty much anywhere. But if we’re at all alike, coming up with things to do once you’re already high could prove to be a difficult task. 

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The good people at Session Goods are very emphatic on the fact that they like to make weed smoking accessories that fit every profile. So we figured we’d point you in the right direction and hook you up with a few ideas of things you can do with your pipe, regardless of the type of plans you like doing.

For The ‘Outdoorsy’ Type

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By clipping your pipe to your hiking pack or belt, you’ll be able to hike, camp, and picnic without being afraid of breaking your pipe and still having your hands free to help you navigate through the unbalanced terrain that nature throws at you.

For The Film Buffs

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One of the things that we love doing the most while smoking weed at Herb is watching movies. Many of us here are film buffs. 

While that’s all fine and dandy, there is a downside to it. It’s easy to spill your bowl on your furniture and rug. But not if you’re using the Session Goods Pipe, by covering it with the sleeve you can protect your home against any unwarranted tipping.

Right After Work

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Sometimes when you leave the office, the first thing you want to do is smoke a joint. But taking a joint to work is probably not the best idea. The Session Goods Pipe, on the other hand, ensures that any weed smell is kept in your bowl throughout the day and until you’re ready to take a pull. Not trying to say you should be taking weed to work, but if you are, we’d do it with this pipe.

On The Weekend

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If you’re full of energy, then it’s likely that you won’t stay still during your weekends. At Herb, we like using our free time to do things we can’t do during work hours. That said, sometimes the weekend can get a little out of hand and planning is not necessarily in season. It’s then that you want to have a pipe that can go with you anywhere without you having to worry about it.

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