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Learn | 05.11.2022

The Shop That’s Keeping Toronto’s Cannabis Tourism Alive

This Toronto dispensary prides itself on community events and outreach.

If you’ve roamed the streets of downtown Toronto, chances are you’ve strolled past a CAFE dispensary.

With a location on Fort York, Bloor, St. Clair, and Harbord, they’ve become pretty hard to miss. But I’m not here to rave about CAFE‘s broad product selection or eager, knowledgeable budtenders that always make my experience one of a kind.

It wasn’t until 4/20 week that I realized how CAFE was holding Toronto’s cannabis tourism on its shoulders.

About CAFE

Photo courtesy of CAFE

Instead of focusing on operations inside each dispensary, CAFE is deeply rooted in its community and strives to improve the lives of people in them.

Besides the many products and blends CAFE offers, the company’s core passion lies within events and outreach, giving back to the community in every way possible.

This includes local events, diverse educational resources, advocacy efforts, and so much more.

Toronto's Cannabis Tourism Is In CAFE's Hands

Photo courtesy of CAFE

You’d think Canada would be leading the pack in terms of cannabis tourism, but there’s still a lack of consumption lounges, events, and places to consume it indoors.

Enter CAFE, curating local events to expand cannabis tourism further than any dispensary in Toronto. Throughout 4/20 week, CAFE had a packed schedule of unique and exciting events to bridge the gap between cannabis culture and the community.

It started with the extravagant cannabis-infused brunch and dinner featuring celebrity chefs who adore cooking with flower. The SENSES brunch and dinner event were hosted by CAFE and The Nomad Cook in the heart of downtown T.O.

CBD and THC-infused dishes were served by Chef Patrick Newton, who carefully asked guests about their tolerance levels for a more enjoyable experience.

The SENSES Supper event was another hit, featuring Top Chef winner and contestants Chef Erica & Josh Karbelnik. Anyone who enjoys fine dining, THC/CBD-infused dishes, multi-course meals, and elevated cannabis experiences would have raved about the SENSES Supper event.

And the night wasn’t over. Later on, guests headed over to Toronto’s Comedy Bar, presented by CAFE and Smokes & Jokes, for a night of weed-centric laughs.

The night featured Toronto-based comedians like Zabrina Douglas, Braydon Lynch, Cameron Phoenix, Anjelica Scannura, Danish Anwar, and Paul Thompson.

Even better, guests who had tickets to the event could show them at a CAFE dispensary and receive 20% off any Smokes & Jokes cannabis product.

It Doesn't Stop There

Events and community outreach never stop for CAFE.

The dispensary gladly took part in the Toronto Global Marijuana March this past week, packed with thousands of people who support cannabis culture, medicinal cannabis, and leaving stigmas behind.

CAFE also lent a helping hand around the city with a Spring Community Cleanup, and of course staff and volunteers were treated to some of Toronto’s best pizza.

For more information about CAFEcheck out its website to better understand why it’s carrying Toronto’s cannabis tourism on its shoulders.

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