3 Things We Love About Grassdoor

There might be other options out there, but in our experience, for variety, efficiency, and deals, Grassdoor has other weed delivery services beat.

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The advent of legal weed delivery is a game-changer for California stoners. Never had so many mouth-watering weed products been available directly to your doorstep, without the hassle of waiting around for your dealer or risking run-ins with the law.

Given that there’s a demand for this kind of convenience, it’s only natural that plenty of services wish to satisfy them. However, if you’re a discerning customer, you’ll want one that ticks all the boxes: variety, speed, and a reasonable price.

For this, we ought to recommend Grassdoor, and here are three reasons why:

An Amazing Repertoire

Photo courtesy of Grassdoor

Imagine the whole stock of your local dispensary available for delivery at any time; that’s still probably short of what Grassdoor has to offer. You’d be closer to what you have available with Grassdoor if you imagined the whole stock of every dispensary in your county and put it together.

If you order with time off their scheduled menu, you can browse from a catalog of hundreds of quality weed products, the whole range, from flower, to pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, and beyond. Their selection includes the most reputable growers and coolest brands in the business, with any strain you can imagine in any presentation you’d prefer.

Brands like Flow Kana, Cookies, Humboldt Farms and Claybourne Co. all feature in their flower and pre-roll menu, with some of their rarest strains available to purchase and deliver within the hour.

Interested in finally giving that Cookies Cheetah Piss strain a try?

Needing to stock up with a half-ounce of Jelly’s Tropicana Cookies to get through next week? Grassdoor has you covered.

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An Excellent Response Time

If you schedule your delivery, you can take your pick from the whole menu and get it delivered exactly when you want to; Grassdoor is timely and precise with your request.

But if you need something fast, within the hour, then just take a look at their ASAP menu, products with guaranteed delivery in 45 minutes or less.

This is pretty much as good as it gets for California weed delivery. Some restaurants struggle to fulfill that strict timeline, and here’s a weed delivery service living up to it all day long.

Their drivers are friendly, committed, and discreet with the delivery, meaning you can take it easy and trust your order will arrive when and where you want it to.

Deals, Deals, Deals!

Maybe even better than getting your weed business sorted without having to leave the house is getting it sorted with a tasty discount and spending less than you expected to.

Grassdoor’s daily deals are always a sweet surprise, and we recommend you stay on the lookout for them by perusing their website or app.

It’s not rare to find an eighth of one of your favorite strains is suddenly 40% off; it clears some budget for other activities like ordering some food for when the munchies strike, some refreshments to ease the cottonmouth, and Uber to get yourself to your friends’ pad for a sesh, or even more weed!

If you hit the Grassdoor site clicking this link, you can take your savings to the next level, as we’re offering you the possibility to get ANYTHING off their catalog with a 33% discount!

This is the sign you were waiting for to finally try Grassdoor and get a taste of their vast array of products for a special price.

September 21, 2021
Written by Pedro Bernal
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September 21, 2021
Written by Pedro Bernal
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