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What Are The Best Delta 8 Oil Syringes?

Want an easy way to dose on Delta 8? Syringes are the way to go. Here are the best ones out there.

There are many people out there with extreme fear or phobia of medical needles and syringes, but once you understand how cannabis syringes work, and the many benefits related to these, you may want to make these your only way of consuming.

Do consider that there are many ways of consuming distillates, so in reality, it may be one of the most versatile presentations that weed comes in.

Take a moment to understand how Delta 8 Oil syringes work and what the best ones out there are. You will want to buy one or more of these to keep around because you are going to want to get on the oil wave soon.

Best Delta 8 Syringes Out There

Eighty Six

Eighty Six has a great assortment of cannabis-related products, and their Delta 8 syringes are no exception.

With five different strains to choose from and seasonal or temporal strains that come and go, there is ample room for you to get your fill and satisfy your will and whimsy.

I am particularly fond of their Berry Slush D8 Syringe due to the creative, motivating, and calming effects that will give you a productive and cheerful vibe.

This syringe packs a combination of the Strawberry Cough and Mojito strains, which are well-known sativas that will entice your soul.

Bay Smokes

Distillates are the most versatile products to consume in the cannabis industry. You can vape it, dab it to appreciate its aroma in the smooth cloud of smoke.

It is an excellent option to add to your edibles so that you add the magic of Delta 8 to your drinks or food. Drop it under your tongue if you want a quick and potent effect. Plus, Bay Smokes’ D8 Syringe comes in more than ten strain varieties. 

A crucial advantage of distillates is how easy it is to control your dosage. It can be as small as you want, and the syringe helps you do so.

3 Chi

The 3 Chi Delta 8 THC Oil Syringes feature a concentration of 91-99% of Delta 8, a clear amber or translucent color, and very dense, behaving very similarly to a solid.

This syringe brings 1 ml of distillate, which is plenty for many fun sessions.  

This syringe might be ideal for those looking to use the D8 distillate to infuse their joints or bowls due to the high content of cannabinoids and the viscous nature of this oil.

Fresh Bros

The Fresh Bros D8 Syringes pack a serious punch. These 3 ml syringes come in various flavored presentations, including Birthday Cake, Piña Colada, Super Lemon Haze, and many others.

I may not find particularly lovely about these syringes because they are flavored and not derived from these strains, which means the cannabinoids come from unknown strains, but hemp-derived.

The added terpenes are sourced from the mentioned strains. 


The Skyhio Delta 8 THC Syringes come in a 1 ml presentation that packs up to 99% of Delta 8, comes from 100% hemp-derived sources, and is federally legal.

According to medical recommendations, the recommended dose for these syringes is 5 to 10 mg.

What Are Delta 8 Syringes?

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Syringes are a form of packing distillates derived from cannabis. Unlike the medical syringe many fear, these provide a very fun and robust distillate that can be used in many ways.

A distillate is formed when one particular chemical is isolated from the hemp plant, and all other compounds are removed during the extraction process. 

In actuality, distillate refers to a product that has gone through a rigorous purification process that eliminates undesirable ingredients while maintaining and isolating THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, depending on the product.

Why Use Delta 8 Syringes

The main reason you should use oil distillate syringes is the versatility and ease of use that these provide.

Once you start seeing and understanding the many ways these can be used, you may make a switch and simply enjoy this method of consumption over many others. 

Another reason I believe is of extreme importance is the cleanliness and purity of the product you are consuming.

As we saw above, distillates eliminate byproducts and undesirable ingredients, so in reality, you are possibly consuming in one of the purest and cleanest ways possible.

How To Use Delta 8 Syringes

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There are many ways of using distillates, and these are not exclusive to the type of distillate you get your hands on. Let’s dive into oral consumption, probably the easiest way to use Delta 8 THC distillate.

Distillates are significantly thick, unlike tinctures which may easily be put beneath the tongue and consumed.

If you put some distillate beneath your tongue, you’ll rapidly notice that your mouth is coated with a thick, sticky resin that is difficult to remove!

Instead, measure out your ideal amount and spread it on a cracker, a piece of bread, or almost any other food item before eating it. 

When you mix the distillate with food, it won’t adhere to your teeth and will be much simpler to swallow.

You might also dissolve the heavy oil in a cup of coffee or another hot drink in the morning. We do not recommend dissolving these oils in cold liquids as you may probably find yourself frustrated and with a spoonful of gunk.

You may also use distillate when baking or cooking your food. Many producers use distillates in their range of infused delicacies like gummies.

You may do the same at home, be careful to start with little dosages of less than 5 milligrams Delta 8 THC per serving as a general rule of thumb.

After you’ve made your first batch, you may tweak the potency to suit your tastes and preferences.

Another way to consume distillates is by vaping. The oil may be put into a vape cartridge and then screwed onto a vape battery.

The battery will warm the cartridge, which heats the oil, vaporizing it and allowing the user to inhale it.

Unless the oil has been flavored, vaping this technique creates an almost odorless vapor. 

You may also use distillate for smoking purposes by warming the glass syringe in warm water, then pushing the necessary amount into your preferred carrier, whether that’s a dab rig or nectar collector.

You can also use it to the top over your favorite bowl of flower or infuse a pre-roll, but keep in mind that this is a distillate and will be harsh if dabbed.

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