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What Is A Marijuana Anonymous Meeting And How Do You Find One?

Need some support? A Marijuana Anonymous meeting might help you out.

There’s no shame in smoking weed. Although it’s one of the least harmful psychoactive substances on the planet, that doesn’t mean we can’t run into issues with it.

Maybe your appetite isn’t what it used to be, and you can’t eat without a puff. Or maybe your body is telling you that a tolerance break is needed.

Whatever the issue may be, asking for advice or support seems like something we’d look to Google for. Maybe there’s a Reddit user who’s shared the same experience.

But what if you could see those faces, hear their experiences in person, and offer support while staying completely anonymous?

We’d like to introduce you to Marijuana Anonymous meetings, a safe space for individuals who want support for their issues with weed, especially those trying to quit.

What Is A Marijuana Anonymous Meeting?


You might have heard of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, where struggling and former alcoholics share their experiences and open up about their issues with alcohol abuse.

Marijuana Anonymous meetings work exactly the same. Individuals are encouraged to be anonymous and discuss their issues with cannabis use. Those who’ve just quit often talk about their road to recovery, what they noticed, and what helped them.

It’s essentially a support group for current and past smokers who’ve recognized that their bodies may not be reacting to cannabis as they once did.

They also discuss the differences between feeling dependent on weed versus living life without it, sharing some hope with other smokers who aren’t there yet. In order to gain that trust between the group and one another, remaining anonymous and not spreading information about the meeting is essential.

That way, the group can come together based on their shared experiences and find out how to resolve their issues as a unit, instead of failing on their own repeatedly.

How To Find A Marijuana Anonymous Meeting?

If you want to participate in a Marijuana Anonymous meeting, we’d point you towards Marijuana Anonymous World Services.

The non-profit organization sets up various meetings for individuals worldwide. By visiting its Find A Meeting page, you can browse through different marijuana anonymous meetings and filter through a ton of options like;

  • Countries
  • Languages
  • Sexual identity
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • People of color
  • For addicts or non-addicts, only

From there, you can choose from different meetings that are either in person, online, or over the phone.

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