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What Is THCjd?

Here's everything you need to know about THC's newest cousin. Created with Bay Smokes.

Unlike Deltas, which are made from conjoining or separating different cannabinoids, THCjd is a rare, naturally occurring one.

It is known as a phytocannabinoid, stronger than regular THC; if combined with another cannabinoid, more specifically Delta 8, the side effects are different than when each is consumed separately. 

Let’s see what it’s all about.

How Is THCjd made?

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THCjd is extracted directly from cannabis or hemp, meaning it doesn’t require any chemical alteration beyond the regular processing of THC.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much research around it, but what little findings have been made suggest that it might be an indica/couch-lock cannabinoid.

THCjd Effects

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THCjd will give everything THC can, but stronger. Does this mean better? That depends on who you ask.

It shares the psychoactive effects, so you can expect the usual of the high: lightheadedness, a sense of calm that washes over your body and mind, but it can also make your reflexes slower.

The main goal of THCjd and its combination with Delta 8 is to give you a full relaxation experience. 

THCjd Benefits

It will enhance your appetite and give you a chill sensation that will run on the outside as well as the inside.

Since it works in synergy with the other ingredients you take (in this case, THCh and Delta 8), it can aid with feelings of anxiety and insomnia. 

Is THCjd Safe?

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It is safe for consumption, but it might not be the way to try the effects of THC for the first time, since it is stronger than the regular type.

Regardless of the concentration, proceed with this in mind. 

Is THCjd Legal?

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It is because it is extracted from hemp and it complies with all regulations established by the 2018 Farm Bill in the U.S. 

Does Hemp Contain THCjd?

Yes, as well as cannabis, but it has to be extracted and processed correspondingly for the effects to take place. 

Does THCjd Get You High?

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Yes. I mean, I think we established this, but yeah.

Stay away from drug tests during the time you use your cartridge, and around 30 days after you’ve finished it. 

How To Buy THCjd

Remember, you can get this sweet combo of cannabinoids and terpenes at Bay Smokes!

Their OG Kush Hybrid Cartridge is fit for any compatible vape pen. 

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