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Learn | 01.21.2022

What Makes Sour Diesel Smell Like Gas?

Here's why this strain packs a powerful punch. Created with Delta Extrax.

One of the most popular strains in the cannabis community is Sour Diesel, the cerebral sativa strain that danks of rich and potent gas.

Perhaps this strain is where the term “gas” came from, but that’s not our main topic of discussion this time around.

The strain holds various THC percentages, depending on where the strain is grown and the quality of its buds.

Sour Diesel can climb up to 30% THC in some cases, but most batches hold about 20%. Additionally, Sour Diesel contains less than 1% CBD, leaving you with a pure THC-induced high.

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The most apparent and obvious characteristic of Sour Diesel is by far the distinctive aroma and flavor.

Before we explain what makes the strain smell like gas, we want to shout out our favorite Sour Diesel from a leading Delta 8 cannabis retailer, Delta Extrax.

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The company’s pungent and powerful Sour Diesel uses premium Delta 8 THC to help you reach a sharper, more focussed, and clear-headed high, which is all the more enhanced by the powerful head high of this strain. 

But what gives this strain such a recognizable and unique smell/flavor? The simple answer is the even balance of myrcene and limonene terpenes.

The myrcene terpene is responsible for providing a sour, fruity, and spicy taste often found in mangoes, thyme, and lemongrass. 

Photo courtesy of Delta Extrax

On the other hand, limonene offers that pungent citrus aroma and taste, which naturally occurs in citrus fruit rinds and zest. But that’s not all; Sour Diesel also carries two other evenly balanced terpenes, beta-caryophyllene, and pinene.

While beta-caryophyllene is a medicinal terpene found in back pepper, pinene naturally occurs in pine trees. Together, these two terpenes offer a spicy and woodsy kick. 

With all four terpenes at play, the result is the distinct and gas-like aroma of Sour Diesel.

Photo courtesy of Delta Extrax

That said, the strain doesn’t taste like pure gas because of the zesty terpene limonene, offering that rich and sour flavor similar to lemonade and orange juice.

This terpene is also a powerful energy booster, so it goes without saying why orange juice has become a staple for breakfast. 

While the THC offers a springboard for the terpenes to produce their effects, the one terpene in Sour Diesel that doesn’t stand out is, in fact, myrcene.

Because it’s seen as a relaxing terpene, it mitigates the energizing effects of limonene and helps that sensation become less intense.

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