Often Overshadowed by 420, 710 Is More Than Just Another Stoner Holiday

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Celebrate cannabis concentrates and the future of cannabis technology.

Jul 10, 2018
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710 is upon us again. While not as well known as its illustrious brethren 420, this holiday should be just as important to cannabis enthusiasts. But what is 710 all about? Is it more than just another stoner-friendly holiday? And how exactly should you be celebrating? From cannabis concentrates and oils to new technologies, here’s what you need to know about 710, and a few tips on what to pick up to make this holiday more than just a 420 redux.

710: A Holiday For More Than Just Cannabis Concentrates

While the story of 420 is one surrounded by misinformation, 710 is a little more straightforward. While April 20th, or simply 4:20 pm, is a time when enthusiasts gather to celebrate cannabis, 710 is dedicated to a specific kind of cannabis consumption.

A far cry from the 1970s, when 420 began, today’s cannabis enthusiast isn’t limited to simply enjoying dried herb. 710 is about celebrating the numerous cannabis derivatives that make the modern cannabis experience so diverse, personal and frankly incredible. But why 710, you may be wondering. Flip those numbers over, and it spells a cheeky shout-out to cannabis concentrates and oils, which certain people believe represent the mainstream future of cannabis consumption.

Among them is  a representative from G Pen. “710 is about the advancement of cannabis and cannabis concentrates — they are the future and what is going to unlock the potential of cannabis.”  Central to exploring the benefits of cannabis concentrates are the advancements in science and technology that make enjoying cannabis oils and concentrates possible. For the representative, that’s what this holiday should truly be about. “710 isn’t just another holiday for stoners. It is about the advancements in tech and science,” the rep told us. “710 is what we do to take 420 to the next scientific, technological and medical level in the world of cannabis.”

Brand New Vaporizer Technology for the 710 Holiday

3 710 Is More Than Just Another Stoner Holiday 1 Often Overshadowed by 420, 710 Is More Than Just Another Stoner Holiday
Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain High Colorado

G Pen is helping lead the charge with the launch of the G Pen Gio. Fans of cannabis concentrates will no doubt be familiar with the traditional 510 thread battery coil. They’re also probably familiar with the 5 click system many vaporizers use when turning the power on and off. The Gio offers something different altogether.

The goal was to make a battery and a vaping experience that was more refined, sophisticated and user-friendly.“We’re ready for people to step forward,” says the representative. Ditching that familiar 510 thread and 5 click system, the Gio doesn’t require you to turn it on and off. Just connect the Gio, breathe in and enjoy your cannabis concentrates and oils.

There’s no need to dial up your temperatures either — the Gio has been fine-tuned to deliver optimal vapor for your session this 710 and beyond. There are different heating elements for those who prefer live resin and not simply the distillates.

A 710 Giveaway

To celebrate this 710, G Pen wants you to try the future of vaporizer technology. From 7/10 through 7/31, participating dispensaries will offer a free Gio battery when you purchase a G Pen Gio cartridge. Can’t make it to the dispensary? Visit the G Pen website, where you can get a Gio battery for free  — just pay a $7.10 shipping cost. This offer is valid from 7/10 through 7/17.

Take advantage of this deal in any of the states that G-Pen currently sell their products in. If your state doesn’t make it onto that list, help is on the way. Every month G-Pen is launching in a new state, and will even be heading north of the border to Canada soon enough.

Visit GPen.com/Gio to find a dispensary in your area. Gio cartridges are currently sold in CA, CO, NV, OR, WA. You can also take a look at their other top products, like the G Pen Elite and the G Pen Pro.

Jul 10, 2018