If you are thinking of using a hemp wick instead of a butane lighter, it’s time to take the plunge. There are so many advantages to using a hemp wick over a butane lighter – the most important being that you get to light your herb with herb. In fact, doing it this way effects the taste of your bowl, too, and is a much healthier option to using a butane lighter.

Hemp wicks can be purchased just about anywhere that sells weed or smoking paraphernalia these days, and it is usually wrapped around a lighter to allow it to be lit easily.Smokers that have made the choice to light their bowls with hemp wick usually don´t go back to butane.

Hemp is healthier than butane

hemp wicks lighter Hemp Wicks Are The BEST Way To Light Up
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In any circumstance, it is going to be healthier to have hemp in your body rather than putting butane into your body. In the case of smoking a bowl, what you are potentially inhaling from using lighter fluid is toxic gases that are released from combusting butane. However, burning hemp wick does not release those toxic fumes, and there is no possibility you can inhale them through your mouthpiece when lighting your bowl.

If you keep your hemp wick wrapped around your lighter, then there is no threat to the convenience of smoking, either. You will always be able to easily and accessibly light your hemp wick, and it will always be next to the flame.

It doesn’t combust at ultra-high temperatures

hemp wicks hemp Hemp Wicks Are The BEST Way To Light Up
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The flame caused by the combustion of butane in your lighter is burning at an incredibly high temperature, which means that the smoke you inhale into your lungs is much hotter. However, hemp wick does not combust at such a high temperature because it is not gas, meaning your buds aren’t burning so quickly.

This means that you get to enjoy smoother tokes that aren’t as hot as using your butane lighter. You might even get more out of your weed because you are able to hit it more times with a hemp wick. Most smokers that use hemp wick also report that it tastes much better when their bowl is lit with hemp!

It gives you ultimate bowl-lighting precision

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Using the hemp wick gives you much better precision for lighting your bowl than any butane lighter. Using the hemp wick better enables you to corner the bowl, if that’s your mantra for stoner etiquette. It’s really hard to precisely do this with a butane lighter because it’s incredibly difficult to manage the flame.

Smokers are always looking for ways to make their smoking experience more enjoyable, and hemp wick is definitely a way to do that. It is healthier and tastes better, and well it’s keeping the entire smoking event in the herbal family. Also, using a hemp wick makes your lighters last much longer, so you don’t have to go out buying lighters all the time. Hemp wick has a much longer lifespan!

Will you be switching to hemp wick? Let us know!