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The 12 Best Weed Strains To Help You Deal With A Hangover

For moments of "please make it stop," here are the top 12 strains for hangover woes.

There is always something in the air this time of year, and it’s not just smoke. Although the endless, lazy days of summer feel like a distant memory, Saturday remains the one slice of salvation. It’s the day that reminds us that there is still fun to be had, even as the sun sets sooner and backyard BBQs are no more. Unfortunately, the following morning, our body and brain are often singing along to the all too familiar tune of a hangover.

Hangovers, perhaps what you’re feeling at this very moment, are like a scurry of rabid squirrels moshing in your brain. It’s enough to turn any civilized human into a vampire, drained of all fluids and hissing at the mere sign of light.

For many, drinking is usually the first step into a good night. Alcohol, albeit your best bud at the time, is usually the culprit for these feelings of nausea the next day. There it went tricking you again! Oh, and if you’re a minute over the age of 30, go ahead and amplify its effects by ten for every glass.

And somehow, here you are, clinging to life. I just wouldn’t look in the mirror quite yet.

The good news is, while cannabis isn’t a magic bullet that will take away the pain but leave the memories of last night, it can reduce nausea and inflammation, instigate feelings of euphoria, and stimulate the appetite. Admitting you need help is the first step towards recovery. The next step can be found here, with this list of the top weed strains for curing a hangover to get you feeling like yourself again.

Just don’t overdo it, because yes, weed hangovers are a real thing.

What Type Of Strain In Better For A Hangover

You’re bound to sacrifice several hours of sleep in exchange for a “fun” time with alcohol. While a cup of coffee can wake you right up when you have a hangover, the right strain of cannabis can too without giving you the jitters.

Several Sativa strains promote energy and liveliness. For instance, Super Silver Haze. Jack Herer is another uplifting strain, and it helps fight pain.

When it comes time to shut those eyes and catch up on your sleep, a hangover might get in the way, especially if you took a bunch of Jager Bombs the night before. Luckily, an Indica strain will put you right to bed.

Of course, the only way to avoid a hangover entirely is just not to drink. But you’re only human. And every now and again, you might want to have a glass of Pinot Grigio or an ice-cold Budlight. At least you know that if you do go overboard and wind up with a hangover, your beloved cannabis will be there for you in the morning.

The Best Cannabis Strains for Curing A Hangover

Sour G

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Sour G’s multiple medicinal properties make it the all-time best strain for hangover woes. Thanks to its high CBG content, this is the perfect go-to smoke the morning after you’ve had too many drinks and want to feel great.

Not only does CBG have mind and body calming properties, but it also helps you with inflammation, pain, and overall mood AND gives you an uplifting and happy high that will make you forget about your hangover.

Sour Space Candy

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When you’re hungover, there’s nothing you want more than getting cozy and relaxing with a good movie. And that’s exactly what this strain does. With CBD levels above 16% and one of the most robust terpene profiles out there, a few hits of Sour Space Candy will melt away your discomfort in both your mind and body, letting you rest in a totally tranquil mood.

Jack Herer

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Jack Herer may just be one of the best sativa hybrids around. Upbeat and clear-headed, Jack is great for all-around malaise. If you need a little extra pick-me-up, this strain will always deliver. Jack Herer is particularly popular in those seeking migraine relief.

It’s a powerful pain-fighter, but it won’t leave you stuck on the couch. Pick up some of this strain when you’re hungover as all get out but still have some obligations.


Chemdawg is a classic strain that’s easy to find in dispensaries. This hybrid is excellent for when you need a nice and relaxed re-entry into the real world. Chemdawg promotes a nice feeling of calm while simultaneously obliterating your head and body aches. It also has mild appetite-stimulating properties, making it a great way to kickstart your day.

The White

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Not everyone can stay in bed all for hours when a hangover hits. Is that’s your case, go with this CBG strain that basically delivers the same effects of a CBD flower, but without any of the associated sleepiness or drowsiness associated with them. CBG strains such as this one deliver a calming yet energetic high that most other traditional strains cannot, making it the perfect choice for daytime use.

Berry Cobbler Hemp Flower

Cannaflower’s Berry Cobbler is a juicy indoor strain that bursts with earthy fruit flavor and an almost decadent balance of flavors. Because you’re getting a Sativa hemp strain without the sometimes overwhelming psychoactive effects of Delta 9 THC, you’ll feel more lucid and less aware of your hangover than you would with a high THC strain.

At least this is the feeling we get. Not to say that high THC doesn’t fit well with a hangover as well, but it does take a variable out of the picture that could potentially make your hangover worse.

Cannaflower cultivates this strain from a stand-out Berry Blossom phenotype that produces light green buds. The strain’s higher levels of Myrcene, Humulene, and Bisabolol give this flower its earthy profile and wonderful relaxing properties that suit an end-of-day routine. So, on top of feeling uplifted by the bud’s Sativa genetics, you’ll also feel relaxed and calm.

Super Silver Haze

When you need some energy and uplift, Super Silver Haze is the sativa for the job. It works wonders for a pounding head and will quickly zap away any excess fatigue. Though this strain is energizing, it won’t make you feel jittery. Rather, expect a calm, clear-headed vibe.

Though this strain is sativa-dominant, it has a little indica linage thrown into the mix. This gives it some nice, mellow, body-numbing effects. Try a little Super Silver when you first wake up in the morning (or afternoon).

Purple Kush

Known for its great body buzz, this strain will help you ease into a deep restful sleep by blanketing the mind and body in an instantaneous feeling of calm. Thanks to high-THC levels and terpenes like myrcene and linalool, Purple Kush is perfect for the evening.


Sour Lemon OG

Sour Lemon OG provides an extremely uplifting high. Sometimes you can’t stay in bed all day just because you’re hungover. This is a wonderful medicine for anxiety relief, stress relief, and social gatherings. You will feel relaxed, all the while being in a good mood.




Commonly used to relieve pain, PTSD, and stress, it begins with a surge of euphoria, creativity, and happiness. Migraines melt away and you’re left with nothing but a good day ahead. Try Trainwreck when you are feeling hangover symptoms like migraines, body pain, and nausea.


Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is one of the most widely recommended strains for hangovers. This strain usually has an impressive 20 to 24% THC, making it a good choice for moderate aches and pains, as well as relieving depression.



If you don’t have the stomach to eat, you can at least immerse yourself in the sweet smell of fruit. Jillybean has a strong taste and a smell of oranges and mangoes. This high will melt your body but keep a clear head. Consider the Jillybean strain to provide a natural form of stress relief.


How Does Cannabis Help Cure A Hangover

Plenty of people enjoy an adult beverage here and there, even cannabis consumers. But sometimes, one beer leads to a 12-pack of beer, and one glass of wine leads to an entire bottle of wine. Before you know it, you’re buzzing way harder than you planned. And come the next morning, you are reminded of why you seldom drink. Hangovers are indeed the worst.

Some say a cold shower, followed by a greasy meal, can get rid of a splitting headache induced by alcohol. But if you want to know the ultimate remedy, it’s weed. Here’s how cannabis is the best cure for a hangover.

Cannabis Relieves Nausea And Increases Your Appetite

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One symptom of a hangover is queasiness. After one shot too many, you may or may not be hugging the toilet the next day. To avoid the torture of potentially spewing your guts up, smoke some weed. Studies show that the compounds in cannabis, such as THC, can treat both nausea and vomiting.

In fact, the herb can probably do a better job of healing you from your nausea than most over-the-counter drugs, which is why many people use it as a home remedy. And in certain legal states, cancer patients can be prescribed medical marijuana to help alleviate vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

Weed also increases your appetite, which can be helpful when you’re feeling too sick to eat. Once you’ve had a few puffs, you’ll be able to bring yourself to eat and hydrate, even if it’s just a little bit.

Cannabis Eliminates Headaches

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The throbbing pain of a headache is another thing you have to deal with after a night of drinking alcohol. That’s why people with a hangover will often stay in bed all day. But that’s not an option for everyone, especially when you’re a parent or you have to, you know, work.

To tackle a headache quicker and more efficiently than a couple of Tylenol, all you need is weed. According to a study published just last year, “before cannabis was made illegal, many prominent physicians praised its use in the treatment of headache disorders.”

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