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100mg THC Per Bottle? Find Your Perfect Dose At S*SHOTS

It doesn't get much better than mouthwatering flavors and 100mg THC per bottle.

Cannabis is unique. There are a handful of ways to consume the plant’s cannabinoids

While smoking has been the popular option for decades, our blossoming cannabis industry has provided us with modern and health-forward alternatives to smoking that hit just as hard. 

Beverages are an excellent choice. However, most THC beverage brands only pack a slight dose of THC per bottle, like 10mg. We know seasoned users might need a little more than that to reach their preferred state of bliss. That’s why we suggest sipping on S*SHOTS

These flavorful, delicious, and strong cannabis beverages contain 100mg THC per bottle. Intrigued yet? Learn more about the brand and their powerful beverages below. 


S*SHOTS is a woman-owned cannabis beverage brand that invites us to raise our glasses for the love of THC. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you love this psychoactive cannabinoid too. You’re likely aware of the different ways to ingest it, like cannabis beverages. 

S*SHOTS created their beverages for seasoned users who want to blast to the moon or the couch. Whether you’re plunking down for a sesh with your best buds or in need of something stronger when that stress-relieving CBD gummy doesn’t hit the spot, S*SHOTS are here for you.

S*SHOTS believes the best part of cannabis is the reliable and euphoric body high from the primary psychoactive cannabinoid THC. If you can relate, S*SHOTS invites you to raise your (shot) glass and cheers to new, powerful, lung-friendly, and convenient ways to get high. 

Meet The S*SHOTS

All S*SHOTS contain a generous dose of 100mg THC. You read that right. These expertly-blended shots come with a dosing cap to measure 10mg THC per serving. 

Whether you want to divide your doses or take the whole thing back is up to you. Just prepare for liftoff and superb flavors in one tasty and psychoactive shot. 

If you couldn’t already tell, S*SHOTS are pretty strong. Beginner cannabis users and those new to THC beverages are encouraged to start low and slow in order to achieve their desired state of THC-induced bliss. 

S*SHOTS currently offers the following beverages:

When purchasing S*SHOTS in person at your local California dispensary, you’ll receive complimentary easy-dose shot glasses to help you navigate the experience. Drop a dose in your favorite mocktail recipe or take it back solo—either way, it’s delicious and effective. 

For more information about S*SHOTS, visit their website at s-shots.com.

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