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Learn | 02.10.2023

5 Beneficial Things To Do When You’re High Alone

Smoking weed by yourself can be very therapeutic. Here are some things to occupy your high mind.

Who doesn’t like getting high with friends? Your best buds make the session more enjoyable, funny, and downright entertaining. But who’s to say we can’t enjoy the benefits of cannabis solo?

Smoking by yourself can be very therapeutic. It calms the mind and body, preparing you for complete relaxation or diving headfirst into your favorite hobby. Whether you’ve just finished work or it’s your day off, we’ll help you make the most of your solo session

See below for five beneficial and therapeutic things to do when stoned alone. Don’t knock ’em until you try ’em.


You don’t have to pull out the yoga mat on top of a hill to meditate. This can take place anywhere, any place, and at any time.

After all, meditation is simply the practice of mindfulness to promote attention, awareness, and a sense of clarity. The goal is to clear your mind and heart of any negative emotions or thoughts holding you back from being your calm, cool, and collected self.

Find a quiet place where you feel comfortable and close your eyes. Feel free to follow a short mindfulness meditation online or lead it yourself with breathing techniques and visualizations.


You’ll have no idea how tense you are until you try to touch your toes. Put on your favorite show or a new movie and take a seat on the floor.

Gradually do whatever you’re comfortable with, starting from the legs and working your way up. Keep in mind your level of activity, and don’t overdo it. The key is to feel comfortable and good, not strain yourself or pull a muscle.

Gently lean forward and touch your toes, or go however far you can. Hold your stretches for 15 to 30 seconds, and remember to breathe. On the exhale, see if you can stretch a little further. Afterward, your body will feel loose and refreshed.

Draw, Color, Or Paint

Weed and creative crafts go hand in hand. If you’re the artsy type, hit the sketchbook, color some drawings, or paint a beautiful picture on a canvas.

Dedicating time to visual arts like drawing, coloring, and painting is incredibly therapeutic, and you get better each time.

From personal experience, I prefer a post-session paint with a little help from the late Bob Ross. You may have to pause the video here and there to catch up, but the experience is nothing short of fulfilling.

Cooking And Baking

Cooking and baking while high is top tier. You get to turn off the outside world and focus on your craft. Plus, it results in something delicious, so it’s a win-win.

You can get as crafty or luxurious as you want, whatever your high tummy is craving. Turn on some music, get your “mise en place,” and prepare for some therapeutic time in the kitchen.

Feel free to whip up your own dinner or go all-out on a new dessert you’ve been aching to try. Plus, you’re on your own, so there will never be too many cooks in the kitchen.


There is nothing more therapeutic than writing. Even if writing isn’t your strength, no one will read your journal unless you want them to.

Get your creative juices flowing and write whatever comes to mind, be it an idea for a sci-fi movie or your daily thoughts. Whatever is running through your mind, put it onto paper. This is especially beneficial for those struggling with anxiety.

Not only is this beneficial for keeping track of your thoughts, but it takes the burden off of your mind, onto paper, and into a closed book. Revisit it whenever you need to add to it. Sober or not. Although, journaling while high adds a level of creativity, relaxation, and comfort.

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