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5 Common Things Bong Users Should Avoid

Whether for health purposes or to stop you from wasting weed, here are 5 things to avoid as a bong user.

Are you making the most of your weed? There are various things bong users can do to improve their sessions. And they’re all very easy. 

Seasoned bong users understand the importance of keeping their pieces clean, not just for health purposes but to ensure a quality smoking experience. On the other hand, the texture of the weed you’re using can also change the quality of your sessions, not to mention the constant use of butane lighters that mask the flavor of your herb. 

If you’re a bong user, you could likely benefit from the tips below. Read on for more information about 5 common things to avoid as a bong user.

Always Using Butane

Did you know that butane lighters are limiting the quality of your sessions? For one thing, butane doesn’t taste good. It’s packed with chemicals that shouldn’t be inhaled frequently. But, unfortunately, it’s the most common tool in a stoner’s arsenal.

Using butane with bongs is especially unpleasant, as it lights the weed directly while prompting you to inhale all its chemicals and gassy taste. Instead, try using some matches or a hemp wick. The result is incredibly flavorful hits that bring out the true, intended taste of your bud.

Not Changing The Water Frequently

Swampy bong water is nasty. It’s also very unhealthy and can increase your risk of lung and throat infections.

Unfortunately, I know far too many bong users who practically make their own ecosystem in their bong water by keeping it there for days, sometimes even weeks. Besides the negative toll it can take on your health, dirty bong water seriously impacts the quality of your session.

One of the main reasons we love cannabis is its unique flavors and aromas. These can be horribly masked when using dirty bong water, resulting in a gag-worthy hit that still gets you high but doesn’t accentuate your bud’s true, intended flavors. It’s ideal to change your bong water after every session to ensure maximum quality and cleanliness.

Not Cleaning Your Piece Regularly/Properly

The longer you keep water in a bong, the more mold, mildew, and resin will build up on the interior. But don’t think that frequently changing the water will keep you in the clear.

After a few hits, resin and mildew start building up on the glass, which can promote a moist breeding ground for more bacteria to build. This can also seriously hinder your health and increase your risk of lung and throat infections.

For best practices, it’s ideal to clean your bong with isopropyl alcohol at least once a week or whenever you start to see resin accumulate on the interior. Check out our guide on bong cleaning hacks to truly leave your piece spick and span.

Packing Too Much Weed

We all know a stoner who packs monstrous bowls and leaves a chunk of clogged ash in the bowl piece. There’s nothing wrong with having big bowls, but the key is only packing what you need.

Overloading bowls gradually wastes a lot of weed over time. The perfect, ideal bowl should be pulled through, aka snapped. By pulling the weed through the bowl piece (snapping the bowl), you know you’ve gotten every last drop of THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids.

When a bowl is packed to the rim and not pulled through, you’re practically wasting weed that could be used for another bowl. Start small and work your way up. Only use what you need and pull that baby through.

Using Finely Ground Weed

Snapping a bowl is one of the most satisfying sounds and feelings a bong user can experience. However, it’s far too easy when the weed is finely ground and almost powdery, similar to kief.

Packing finely ground weed into a bowl is difficult, as it can easily slip through the hole and into the water. It also burns much faster than coarse weed, so you’re not truly inhaling all the THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids present in the flower.

The best way to ensure you’re making the most of your bud is by using a grinder with large teeth that coarsely grind your herb into small chunks, not a thin powder. The result is easier to pack and takes longer to burn, meaning you’re truly inhaling all that your flower has to offer.

Final Thoughts

Bongs require some TLC. They must be cleaned frequently to avoid lung and throat infections, and the water must be changed regularly to prevent unwanted buildup. Although that’s mainly for health purposes, other tips like steering away from butane and using coarsely ground weed will help improve sessions by increasing the flavor of your bud and reducing waste.

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