Photo courtesy of Native Roots Cannabis Company

Learn | 11.24.2022

A Dispensary, Convenience Store, And Gas Station All In One? Shop Gas & Grass At Native Roots

What's more convenient than a convenience store? One that lets you fill your gas tank and your stash box.

The lazy stoner stereotype couldn’t be more false. We stoners can be incredibly busy! Many of us work full-time, grinding it out during the workday and relaxing with our favorite cannabis product after clocking out.

Before we can relax, we have other human things to do, like getting gas, re-upping on groceries, and re-upping on weed, too. If you’re in Colorado, your errands just got a lot easier.

A cannabis dispensary that doubles as a convenience store and gas station is something we could only imagine in our wildest canna dreams, but Native Roots brought it to life.

Native Roots - Colorado Springs, Academy Blvd

Photo courtesy of Native Roots Cannabis Company

This Native Roots location is the world’s first gas station and dispensary. It’s located in Colorado Springs at the Academy and Galley intersection.

Native Roots has an impressive 20 dispensary locations throughout Colorado, making them the largest locally-owned and operated dispensary chain in the state.

Their Gas & Grass Academy Blvd. dispensary is a prime example of the brand’s continuous innovation, helping consumers kill two birds with one stone. Maybe even three birds, if you’re in need of re-upping your stash, refilling your gas tank, and grabbing some post-sesh munchies at the convenience store.

This medical dispensary carries a broad selection of the finest cannabis and related products for various conditions. You’ll get to know some of the most knowledgeable, patient, friendly budtenders in the state who work to ensure your needs are met through their recommendations and advice.

Product Selection At Native Roots

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Inside Native Roots’ Colorado Springs Academy location, you’ll find a vast array of premium products across all formats, including:

  • Flower
  • Pre-rolled joints
  • Concentrates
  • Cartridges
  • Edibles
  • Topicals
  • Gear and accessories
  • Seeds

This easily accessible dispensary also lets you place orders online for pickup, allowing you to browse at your own pace. Although Native Roots’ Gas & Grass location is great for fast and efficient shopping, the budtenders encourage you to take your time, consider various options, and let them make recommendations based on your desired outcome.

Check out best-sellers like the Revel Vape Cartridges and the Spectra Vape Cartridges, and don’t forget to ask about their own branded line of flower in Green Label, Gold Label, and Onyx Label.

For everything cannabis, gas, and convenience, look to Native Roots.

Location: 1003 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Hours: Open daily 9 am – 9:50 pm

Phone: (719) 550-0327


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