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Learn | 04.19.2023

Behind The Brand: Milkyway Glass Specializes In Collectible And Functional Works Of Art

You've never seen glass like this before.

Glass is evolving. While most headshops and dispensaries carry the average, traditional glass pieces, we’re on the hunt for something special. We know you are too.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to a brand that’s making waves in the realm of glass. For bongs, pipes, ashtrays, and more, look to Milkyway Glass. This brand specializes in creating collectible works of art that any consumer will be proud to own.

Not only are these pieces stunning, but they’re highly functional and tell a story of their own. Consider your hunt for the perfect glass complete. Read on to learn more about Milkyway Glass and a few stellar designs from the brand.

Behind The Brand

Milkyway Glass is disrupting the cannabis industry. They are unlike any other glass brand you’ve seen. The team behind the brand has over 10 years of experience in sandblasting and glass-making techniques.

Needless to say, their pieces are durable and in it for the long haul. That’s only a fraction of what sets the brand apart from the rest. Milkyway Glass is on a mission to create collectible works of art that are equally high-detailed and contemporary.

“We strive to transmit that visceral feeling you get when you hold a Milkyway,” notes the brand.

Before Milkyway was a brand, the team were avid glass enthusiasts seeking beautiful and functional pieces, only to be let down by the outrageous prices of $2000+. They were disappointed with the options. Either buy a wildly expensive piece or opt for average functional glass that doesn’t reflect their style and personality.

That’s why they created Milkyway Glass, for everyday people with an admiration for quality glass, aesthetics, and function, at affordable prices. See some of our favorite pieces from Milkyway Glass below.

Skull Emperor Smoke 14″ Beaker

Large and in charge, the Skull Emperor Smoke 14″ Beaker is a statement piece. The unique design was inspired by games of chance and tyrant kings, depicting a card game between King Horan and Death.

The semi-opaque smoke color displays intricate designs and complex details, even down to the base. It weighs 3.5 lbs with 9mm thickness and comes equipped with a bowl and stem. Get yours now and honor the Skull Emperor in all of his glory.

Mini Apiary 11″ Beaker

Are you a nature lover? Connect with the earth and honor the busy bees with this beautiful Mini Apiary 11″ Beaker from Milkyway Glass.

Made from borosilicate glass and sandblasted with precision, this elegant piece depicts a snapshot of life, showcasing the hardworking bee through multi-layered artwork. Beautiful, functional, and durable, this beaker bong is 12mm thick and 11″ tall, sitting pretty and proud.

Even better, Milkyway Glass notes how there are hidden symbols in the honeycombs that, together, create a message. If you can manage to figure it out, contact Milkyway Glass for a reward!

Femme Samurai Ashtray

Milkyway Glass doesn’t just offer bongs. Their celebrated ashtrays, like the Femme Samurai Ashtray, are the perfect addition to your rituals.

This particular ashtray depicts an Onna-Bugeisha, a female warrior trained in the way of Samurais who never hesitates to jump into battle alongside male warriors. Milkyway Glass notes that this femme fatale has a dark past, but she’s always ready for action. Let her catch your ash and bring your sessions to new peaks.

For more products and information about Milkyway Glass, visit their website at

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