Trichome Institute’s Cannabis Courses Offer Reliable Education For Consumers, Entrepreneurs, And Businesses

Our industry lacks educational resources. With Trichome Institute, you will have all the education you need to call yourself a true connoisseur.

How did you learn about cannabis? For many, it’s through first-hand experiences, or maybe you had a more seasoned user show you the ropes.

The reality is our industry severely lacks standardized education on cannabis. And that makes perfect sense, considering the stigma attached to the plant is still lingering, and some places around the world don’t want you to use it or explore it for educational purposes.

Although the stigma is still around, our industry has made monumental moves to leave the errs and wrongs of prohibition in the past. Even if you live in a region where cannabis is illegal, you’ve likely heard more about the plant in recent years than ever before.

If you’re looking to sharpen your canna craft, learn more about it, and get industry-recognized certifications so you can thrive, look to Trichome Institute. This online canna college offers various in-depth educational courses for consumers, dispensary staff, entrepreneurs, and business entities alike.

About Trichome Institute

With a name like Trichome Insitute, we’re sure fans of our favorite plant will be eager to enroll.

Trichome Institute noticed the lack of standardized education in the cannabis industry. Whether you’ve never used cannabis before or want to hone your craft as a professional, Trichome Insitute has something for you.

These educational resources provide credible, accurate, and deeply researched information to ensure our community only has the latest and most valid information to master all things cannabis and overcome the stigmas, wrongs, and injustices of prohibition.

Trichome Institute strives to ensure you have the utmost reliable education about cannabis. That’s why they’ve developed various high-quality and trusted courses with industry-recognized certifications for:

  • Consumers
  • Dispensary staff
  • Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Government Entities

The Courses

As mentioned, Trichome Insitute offers several courses to provide you with the means to thrive, get noticed, and make waves in our special industry. Learn more about the courses below.

Cannabis For All

Calling all consumers. Do you really have all the information you need to make confident, knowledgeable purchases?

Whether you’re new to cannabis or want to sharpen your knowledge, this is the course for you. It covers all the basics of cannabis in a crash course to help you become an informed consumer.

Cooking With Cannabis

Although this might seem like a cooking course, it’s not.

Instead, Trichome‘s partnership with The American Culinary Federation brings you the required knowledge through a technical lens about cooking with cannabis through a scientific, philosophical, and entertainment perspective.

Apply this information to your home cooking, or use it to build your career as a cannabis chef.

Interpening: Cannabis Sommelier Certification

Here’s where the courses start getting a little more specific. Impressively, this is the world’s first cannabis sommelier program.

Here, you will be equipped with the knowledge to evaluate flower quality and predict effects without lab testing. This is a course for those yearning to become true cannabis connoisseurs.

Interpeners identify the quality and effects of cannabis by evaluating the plant without any further details. You’ll have to make the correct assumptions based on the traits, characteristics, aromas, and presentations of each flower.

Extraction & Concentrates

This course teaches you the fundamentals of different extraction methods, how to tell the quality of a concentrate, and other essential techniques.

It’s a fantastic resource for dispensary staff looking to make correct product recommendations for consumers or individuals looking to understand cannabis extraction techniques for future jobs.

Cannabis Consultant Training

Cannabis Consultant Traning (CCT) is another valuable resource for dispensaries, but also for entrepreneurs and consultants. This course provides product and sales training to ensure your consumers are well taken care of.

Whether you’re developing relationships with ancillary organizations or a medical professional working directly with cannabis patients, this course provides all the knowledge you need to maintain relationships in the industry. It ensures you’re well-educated on the subject and know how to execute sales with the proper techniques and product knowledge.

Dispensary Training

If you have a dispensary or plan on launching one, perhaps Trichome‘s dispensary training might be of interest.

This Dispensary Training program offers four of the above courses:

  • Professional Interpening
  • Extraction & Concentrates
  • Cooking With Cannabis
  • Cannabis Consultant Training

With these courses under your belt, your staff will have the means to help you be the best dispensary in town.

After all, budtenders are the only social interaction consumers have in a dispensary, so your staff needs the education, knowledge, and product confidence to make correct recommendations, execute sales, and maintain relationships with loyal consumers. And that’s why Trichome Institute is here to help.

For more information about Trichome Insitute and its many courses, visit their website at

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