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We Ranked Binoid’s Delta 8 Dabs In Order Of Deliciousness

Meet your new favorite Delta 8 dabs. Created with Binoid.

Dabs are not for everyone. Let’s be honest; its strong effect on users requires some experience with other milder consumption methods.

Binoid is a brand that has a great catalog of hemp-derived THC products and CBD products, so you can select which ones adjust to your needs and tastes.

They also have a fantastic selection of strains and presentations to help users find any and everything they need for their dabbing joys when it comes to dabs. 

About Binoid

Photo courtesy of Binoid

Binoid is an LA-based brand that works with hemp-derived products, extracting CBD and hemp-derived cannabinoids to add to their catalog of gummies, dabs, vapes, and tinctures, amongst others.

They launched in 2018 and are looking for better, healthier, and more natural ways to include hemp products into everyday lifestyle, making them enjoyable, beneficial, and high-quality. 

Binoid Delta 8 Dabs

Binoid Delta 8 Dabs have 1 gram of wax concentrate, and it comes in 6 different terpene flavors. They are strong enough to warn that they’re intended for experienced users only.

With 92% Delta 8 THC concentrate, these hemp-made dabs are greatly recommended for getting the most out of your products.

They’ll help you feel relaxed, motivated, focused, and it’ll relieve stress; however, thanks to the THC, it will also have some psychoactive side effects, so keep that in mind. 


Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a blueberry-flavored staring, made from a cross with the Haze strain. Thanks to the high THC content, it gives both the body and mind a deep relaxation.

This dab is great if you suffer from depression, chronic pain, and nausea. 

Pineapple Express

With long-lasting energizing effects, this sativa-dominant dab will give users a buzz and a strong creative strike; its recommended use is during the early morning, afternoon, or evening, to best take advantage of its effects.

Although it will taste like the main fruit within its name, it’ll also have an earthy taste due to its terpene profile. 

Lemon Squeeze

The flavor and smell are pretty self-explanatory, giving off strong citrus vibes that make this strain akin to drinking lemonade on a warm, summer day.

Its effects will come off as the most common ones: the highest point will give you an energetic euphoria, to then kick in with the utmost relaxation for both your body and your brain. 

Fruity Pebbles

This indica dab smells exactly like the cereal within its name, but the tastes are more akin to berries and citrus.

The relaxed and almost sleepy effects will dominate over the euphoria, sharpening your senses before allowing your whole organism to enter a deep sleep-like state.

Great for migraines, anxiety, and some physical pain, this strain will give you the knockout for the day. 

OG Kush

The effects of this dab focus more on the mind than the body, meaning that it’ll give your head a buzz and psychoactive effects far stronger than the relaxation of muscles and other bodily tension.

We recommend it for social activities since its creativity-enhancing qualities can make for better conversations at gatherings with other people; plus, it gives a perfect excuse to share the wonders of being high with others. 


This indica-dominant concentrate gives a sweet and almost tropical blend of flavors and scents, which help the overall calming and focusing effects that are great to unwind after a long day. 

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