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10 Strongest Dabs You Can Buy Right Now

Will we ever get to 100% pure THC extractions? While these dabs aren’t quite there yet, they sure come close. Time to get reacquainted with your couch.
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Dabs are becoming stronger than ever. Between high-quality cannabis and improved extraction methods, producers are inching closer and closer to products containing nearly 100% THC.

Sound unbelievable? You’ll be surprised by the testing results. So get your Puffco Peak or your favorite rig and get ready for some serious dabbing.

Here are 10 of the strongest dabs available right now.




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CLSICS Rosin is simply the pinnacle of cannabis extracts. In the dabbing world, rosin shines as it is the purest form of concentrated cannabis possible.  And thanks to the San Diego-born brand CLSICS, it has been perfected.

Unlike other cannabis concentrates, rosin is made using a completely solventless extraction method. Instead of using chemicals, alcohol, or carrier oils, rosin is made using only four things – heat, pressure, ice, and water. That means you’re getting the absolute most out of the cannabis flower.

This 1 gram concentrate from CLSICS is packed with cannabinoids as well as pure terpenes and flavonoids. It delivers a hefty dose of THC that is perfectly balanced by the other plant’s naturally occurring cannabinoids, making for an extremely pleasant and flavorful high.

Delta Effex Pineapple Express Pearls

This is not your average dab, this is Delta 8 THC caviar. Delta Effex’s Pearls are one of the best tasting and most powerful concentrate you can get. This hybrid blend delivers a euphoric head buzz and a mellow high that will leave you invigorated and productive.

This full gram dab tastes as good as it sounds. It features fruity pineapple flavors that will fascinate your palate and leave you wanting more. Being a high Delta 8 THC dab, expect nothing but chill vibes and happy times with this.

Caldera Extracts Magma Sauce

Magma Sauce is a terpene-rich, full-spectrum extract designed for modern concentrates connoisseurs. Intensely aromatic and highly flavorful, Caldera Extracts Magma Sauce is loaded with an array of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.

This Roses sauce comes in at 82% total cannabinoids and 5% terpenes. It features a fresh floral flavor with an uplifting effect that’ll transport you to your happy place and slap a smile on your face. Caldera Extracts’ sauce is made 100% from sun-grown cannabis using an ultra-cold extraction process.

Urb Delta 8 THC Dabs

The  Urb is a Cali-based company that sells CBD and Delta 8 products for both cannabis newbies and connoisseurs. These 1 gram dabs feature 80% Delta 8 THC coupled with CBD, CBN, and natural terpenes that deliver a fully balanced mind & body high and are a total treat to your taste buds.

Urb dabs come in three strain-specific options. Try their indica Watermelon Zkittlez Dab for in-house, movie-night dabbing. Or go with their hybrid alternatives if you’re looking for something to use throughout your day without feeling too stoned. They have Maui Wowie and Banana Runtz options.

Cresco Live Budder

Cresco’s GG#4 Live Budder is a potent indica dominant extract that delivers a powerful relaxing body high that melts away in physical discomfort and gets you in a mellow melt-in-your-couch vibe. It’s the ideal dab for those moments when you just want to unwind and enjoy the moment.

If you’re not familiar with live budder, it’s basically live resin but in a more creamy, buttery texture that is achieved by whipping live resin into a creamy substance similar to wax budder. It’s smooth on your palate and creamy on your rig and of course filled with natural terpenes and flavonoids.

Tutti Sugar Diamonds

Tutti’s Hybrid Sugar Diamonds feature a delightful blend of activated cannabis compound and natural whole flower extracts, carefully crafted to ensure you’re on top of your game. Their guaranteed-pure extract is made from pesticide-free flowers, with no added chemicals or solvents – just the natural essence of pure cannabis.

These one-gram dabs are naturally energizing thanks to their 75% THC and 5% CBD content that invigorates your body and mind as well as provides your creative side with all the tools you need to get you through your day in a mellow vibe.

Humboldt Farms Live Resin

A premium live resin made from select cuts of fresh Humboldt County cannabis. As an art form, Humbold Farms lives up to its name by combining the best ingredients for a smooth and flavor-rich dabbing experience, crafting premium concentrates with unbeatable potency and effects.

Regardless if you want an uplifting sativa or a mellow indica, Humbold Farms has a live resin dab for you. Their lineup includes strain-specific extracts in Blueberry Frosting and Strawberry Lemonade flavors, both featuring around 80% THC and true to train terpenes and experiences.

Jetty Live Sugar

Using heat and pressure similar to how real diamonds are created, the Jetty team isolates the naturally occurring crystalline structures of THCa. The result is a beautiful rock-like concentrate, amber in color from the residual, flavorful terpenes.

Featuring the finest fresh frozen flowers, Jetty takes the craft approach to concentrates with small batches made from premium cannabis. Their dabbing portfolio includes a variety of concentrate types like rosin, badder, sauce, sugar, and diamonds.

Papa & Barkley Live Rosin

Live rosin is the world’s first solvent-free hash concentrate that is crafted from trichome-rich bubble hash. Live rosin offers the most exquisite flavor and aroma of any concentrate available on the market. Like rosin, live rosin is made using solventless extraction methods.

Papa & Barkley’s sativa-dominant Tropicanna cookies Live Rosin provides strong citrus and tangerine flavors. It’s a great strain for social settings and will leave you relaxed and happy to be alive. It comes in at 81% total cannabinoids.

ABX Live Resin

ABX makes an exclusive line of clean, pure, solventless cannabis oil extracted from seasonal and fresh, locally-grown Northern California cannabis flowers. Their award-winning formulations are designed to capture the essence of The Emerald Triangle’s fresh harvest.

These dabs deliver an exclusive experience for highly educated cannabis enthusiasts. They hold a robust cannabinoid and terpene profile true to each strain, highlighting its flavors, aromas, and effects and delivering a well-balanced, beneficial high

These products are only a small sampling of what’s out there. It’s up to the individual distributor and extractor to publish their testing results, and products differ from state to state.

Thanks to ample published testing data and plenty of dispensary menu listings, growers in Washington and California are able to showcase their amazing work. Yet, there are plenty of top-notch producers out there deserving of recognition.

Do you know of any other strongest dabs that should be on this list? Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

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June 11, 2021
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