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What Is Live Rosin: Everything You Need To Know

Want flavorful dabs? Keep reading. Created with Stiiizy.

You might be familiar with the words “live” and “rosin” if you’ve explored the extract aisle of the cannabis space. What sets apart live rosin from other concentrates is the process. 

To break it down in simpler terms, the “live” part refers to a flower or trim that was frozen right after being harvested. However, you cannot compress a frozen herb into a concentrate because of the moisture content. 

This is where the “top-shelf melt hash” we talked about chimes in. This type of rosin derives from making a cold-process extraction instead of boiling it like resin or other oils.

Be aware, though, that this sort of process has to be done with the utmost care so the ice wax can be used to make the rosin. 

That’s why if you want to experience true live rosin, Stiiizy’s line of concentrates is where you should go.

These masters of cannabis have two lines of live rosin product – live rosin badder and live rosin jam – in over 20 different strain options.

So to sum it up, live rosin is an extract that uses a freshly harvested herb that has been frozen and then made into a premium quality ice wax through a cold-process extraction.

Let’s dive into the flavorful world of live rosin.

Where Did Live Rosin Come From

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This particular rosin is an all-natural alternative to butane or chemical-based extracts like BHO (Butane Hash Oil). Not only does it keep most of the natural terpene flavors from the plant, but the process is also artisanal. 

Most of the time, live rosin is produced in very small batches, as it takes a while to use the cold process and find high-quality flowers that can keep most of the trichomes of the product active.

This is why it is classified as a top-tier level product with high amounts of THC and CBD without any additives.

How Is Live Rosin Made

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As mentioned before, the extraction method for live rosin is different from hash oils or even regular rosin. It uses a unique process in which the frozen flower is made into an ice wax that allows the concentrate to dry before pressing it.

This is made without solvents by using water and ice to pull out the trichomes from the plant. Then, they let it set on top and collect it with a flat tool and allow it to cure. 

However, not all hash is suitable for live rosin. To make this extract, you need what experts call a “full melt extract” because of its burning quality. In basic terms: you will need the highest quality of hash.

This is because you need a hash that melts completely like a dab of BHO would assure the quality while pressed.

But once you have it, it is filtered and then applied pressure at a low temperature to get one of the strongest and most flavorful concentrates.

Live Rosin vs Rosin

Regular rosin is made by using high heat and pressure on fresh buds to release the trichome-full resin from the plant.

On the other hand, live rosin uses frozen freshly harvested herb in a cold process to make a “full-melt” wax first, and then it is processed to create a premium extract.

As a quick rundown, rosin uses heat and dry herbs to create the extract, while live rosin uses cold and “live” herbs.

How To Consume Live Rosin

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The best way to consume live resin is by dabbing it or vaping it. You can use anything from a dabber, a dabber pipe, or even a unique crown to adapt your bubbler or bong for extracts.

Live rosin products like Stiiizy’s handcrafted live rosin badder or live rosin jam can be smoked on your favorite rig and even vaped on any concentrate vaporizer.

These hand-made concentrates come in dozens of strains in the indica, sativa, and hybrid realm, so you’re guaranteed to find one you love.

Why Is Live Rosin So Flavorful?

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This has many factors.

First, it’s made with a “live” flower, which means it has most of its terpenes and cannabinoids intact instead of dry herbs.

Also, the cold process and pressing help it contain all the different flavors and make it even stronger from other extracts, giving a more natural experience.

What Makes Live Rosin Different From Other Concentrates

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Even though extracts all have different pros and cons, rosin stands out from hash oil and other concentrates because it’s made with no solvents or chemicals (butane).

While this can help with a broader range of consistencies, potencies or to enhance a specific flavor, kief and rosin tend to have a more natural-like experience when consumed. 

In the end, it’s a matter of what you want to experience. With live rosin, you get something closer to flower but with higher THC and CBD content and other extracts made with butane, enhancing terpene flavors and cannabinoid content while diluting.

Live Rosin vs Live Resin

The main difference between these two is adding a hydrocarbon solvent during the process.

Live resin uses the same frozen flower as live rosin but adds a propane-butane mix to pull terpenes and cannabinoids from the biomass in the extraction process.

The solvents are removed before the resin consumption, but rosin is the way to go if you want something closer to a natural experience.

Live Rosin vs Shatter

Shatter is a type of BHO, so it’s a butane-based extract. Another big difference is how it looks.

While rosin and live rosin are gooey-like substances, shatter gets its name from the glass-like pieces.

This extract tends to be more flavorful than other BHO extracts, but it is still less potent than resin or rosin.

Live Rosin vs Wax

Wax is another type of butane-based cannabis extract. While it is pretty similar in flavor to shatter and other extracts, it is agitated in the process to make it smooth and whipped into a budder.

As with rosin, wax melts faster while dabbing or vaping, but it’s not as potent as the live version.

Live Rosin vs Distillate

The main difference between rosin and distillate is the process and product you get.

Distillate primarily refers to cannabis-concentrated oil extracted by a vaporization process that decarboxylates the plant.

This also means that you can get pure THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids, while with rosin, you get high in THC and CBD products in a full spectrum variety.

Live Rosin Rundown

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Live rosin is a cold-processed, “live” herb extract that carries the benefits of high THC and CBD content with all the natural terpene flavors.

It is made from top-shelf ingredients, mainly freshly harvested frozen flower processed in a “full melt” ice wax.

It is great for people who want to experience more potent highs while keeping it natural, live rosin is a fantastic product to treat yourself with a high-end cannabis experience.

If you’re interested in trying this flavorful concentrate, be sure to check out what Stiiizy has to offer.

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