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Blaqstar Farms Review: Paving The Way For Cannabis Social Equity

Premium flower from a Black-owned cannabis company determined to showcase minority entrepreneurs.

Hopping around town to your favorite dispensaries or smoking a joint while walking down the street might be everyday activities for many of us who live in states where marijuana is deemed acceptable. Of course, this has not always been the case. 

While green crosses keep filling up street corners like popular coffee shops, many individuals are still behind bars for cannabis-related offenses. A majority of these individuals are people of color, and the irony of their imprisonment continues to baffle and enrage those seeking justice. 

As part of the Social Equity Program, minorities are given equal access opportunities in the cannabis industry to help those who have been affected by these harsh cannabis laws and the war on drugs. Minority-owned companies have been few and far between, but Blaqstar hopes to change all of that. 

What Is Blaqstar?

Photo courtesy of Blaqstar Farms

Since its inception in 2012, Blaqstar has been providing clean and potent cannabis that is grown utilizing classic cultivation methods that ensure sustainable growing and natural product that is free of all pesticides and chemicals. 

Alluring to the senses of touch, taste, and smell, the strong flower produced by Blaqstar has kept customers returning. Through this top-tier cannabis production, the company hopes to empower communities that have been negatively impacted by the war on drugs. 

The Los Angeles company has also been active in the fight for Social Equity, ensuring that people of color are given opportunities in this ever-growing industry. This is accomplished by creating an atmosphere where all individuals are granted access to the tools and information that is integral in creating and sustaining a successful cannabis business.

Who Is Bryant Mitchell?

Photo courtesy of Black Cannabis Magazine

Blaqstar founder and CEO Bryant Mitchell is the son of the first Black police officer in Orange, Texas. He owned a dispensary in Los Angeles when he realized that due to the increasing acceptance of cannabis as a medicine, there was a growing market for clean, high-quality weed products that would appeal to more than just the typical cannabis consumers. 

Mitchell started in the oil and gas industry, spending almost 20 years consulting with companies like IBM Strategy and Chevron. He holds an MBA from the Booth School of Business from the University of Chicago and a BA in business administration from Prairie View A&M University. 

After walking away from business consulting, Mitchell purchased his dispensary and soon realized that his grower did not know much about producing high-quality cannabis at large scale. Mitchell then used lessons learned during his consulting experience to realize that he had to learn the best techniques from experts to achieve his goal.

Photo courtesy of Blaqstar Farms

Mitchell traveled the long journey to Sonoma County, where he volunteered at local wineries to observe the distillation processes and, specifically, how they could be incorporated into the process of cultivating cannabis concentrates.

He has integrated these techniques into Blaqstar’s growing process, propelling the company into one of the industry’s most popular and exciting brands. 

Blaqstar Flower

Photo courtesy of Blaqstar Farms

Preserving the purity of the cannabis plant has always been the mission for Brian Mitchell and his California company. Their top tier cultivation includes all-natural flower that is free of any chemicals or pesticides.

With an emphasis on artisanship and maintaining a high-quality product, the company has avoided the mistake that many cannabis companies make when quality is sacrificed for mass production.

Despite their popularity and growing demand, Blaqstar has kept its mission clear: consistently producing craft quality bud by fostering the strongest, healthiest plants that ensure a rich and clean smoking experience for their customers. 

Blaqstar has partnered with Blox Labs, a credible company that will take care of packaging and distribution for the growing Los Angeles brand. 

Fruity Pebbles

This will take you back to your childhood days when a bowl of your favorite cereal was enough to make your day. This fruity hybrid brings an immediate energetic feeling that makes you feel euphoric and ready to seize any adventure that presents itself. Then, the hybrid shows its balance by easing you into a soothing relaxation that is great for those in need of sleep. 

This bud will leave you feeling:

  • Euphoric
  • Giggly
  • Tranquil
  • Balanced

Peanut Butter Breath

This hybrid is like an addicting snack that you just can’t put down. This balanced hybrid is an earthy, nutty strain that hits in all the categories you would expect from Blaqstar. The tasty, potent snack of a strain will also emit an aroma that excites you before you light it up. With 23% THC, this strain is no joke and is one of the most evenly balanced hybrids that you will find. 

Peanut butter breath hails from the strains Mendo Breath and Do-Si-Dos. This lineage creates a midnight snack that isn’t just for late-night smoke sessions. This truly balanced strain is excellent for any time of the day, shrinking your anxiety and eases any body tension you might be experiencing. Some other notable effects include: 

  • Sedating
  • Happy
  • Balanced
  • Relaxing
  • Relieves Pain

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