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Bong Vs. Joint: Which Is Healthier?

Although both options produce smoke, let's discuss which is the least harmful.

What’s your preferred consumption method? While there are about six main ways to use cannabis, two are arguably the most popular: joints and bongs. 

The age-old bong vs. joint debate has been one of the most prominent topics within the cannabis community. While some prefer the traditional method of rolling their own joint, others prefer quick hits with a bong. But the question we’ve all been asking is, which method is healthier

While both options produce smoke, which isn’t healthy, we’ll discuss which consumption method is the least harmful to the throat and lungs. Read on for your answer. 

Joints: Pros & Cons

Joints are an integral part of cannabis culture. They’re flavorful, long-lasting, slow-burning, and great for social settings. There’s truly nothing better than a good ol’ joint rotation with your best buds.

Joints are also incredibly convenient, especially modern-day pre-rolls. Not everyone is brave enough to bring a bong with them everywhere they go, but sliding a joint into your pocket or purse is effortless and discreet.

Plus, there’s not much room for error. Once you learn how to roll, there’s no worrying about knocking over a glass bong or breaking a downstem. All you need are rolling papers, filter tips, and weed.

The best way to ensure the least possible harm when smoking joints is using a filter tip. Although they hold the shape of your joint, they also block resin and tar from entering the lungs.

Impurities and harmful components are easier inhaled through joints, and the hot smoke can irritate the throat. However, filter or not, joints will almost always produce resin and tar that enters the lungs, but filters reduce it.

Bongs: Pros & Cons

The main difference between bongs and joints is that the former is a large pipe that contains water, whereas joints are weed cigarettes. These consumption methods not only produce different highs but have different effects on our health. 

Because bongs use water and an elongated airpath, they cool the smoke, which doesn’t irritate the throat as much as a joint. Because their elongated airpath creates more distance from the weed to your mouth, it creates smoother smoke that’s more easily inhaled. 

Also, bongs generally use less weed, considering joints usually contain 0.5g to 1.5g of weed, whereas bongs use a pinch of weed (or slightly more) at a time. 

Most importantly, the water in bongs is there for a reason. The tar, contaminants, and impurities are filtered through the water, leaving you with cool, clean smoke. 

However, bongs can also be filthy and very unhealthy if they’re not cared for properly. The stains, mold, and resin on your glass can make you very ill. They’re also not that portable or ideal for group sessions since they can be fragile depending on the material. Finally, bongs are loud and proud, not the best option for discreet smokers. 

The Verdict

In terms of health, bongs are better than joints. However, that doesn’t mean your joint smoking days are over. The key is moderation. 

If you’re willing to switch up your smoking routine, try replacing a joint with a bong whenever possible. Yes, they do provide different experiences and effects, but that helps keep your sessions exciting while still remaining true to your rituals. 

If you’re up to the task, try smoking a joint through a bong and get the best of both worlds. 

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