Can You Bring Delta 8 On A Plane?

We know D8 is legal almost everywhere. But can you travel with it on a plane? Created with Mellow Fellow.

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We’ve gone through this question before in regards to cannabidiol. For years before the Farm Bill made CBD products legal, people worried that flying with it would bring attention to them. But, as we all know now, it’s perfectly safe and legal to fly the friendly skies with CBD on your person.

Much like its cousin CBD, Delta 8  is an all-natural, hemp-derived product that can do beautiful things for your overall well-being. On top of that, unlike any cannabinoid before it, Delta 8 offers you a more mild psychotropic high. Delta 8 THC provides users one of the few opportunities to experience a legal buzz without worrying about anything.

Like with CBD, the Delta 8 industry is overflowing with brands. Unfortunately, very few of them deliver reliable products that let you experience the full potential of Delta 8 THC.

One of the brands that do, and even sets the standard, is Mellow Fellow. Their line of Delta 8 products is made by P.h.D chemists and rigorously lab-tested to maximize the potential of the cannabinoids.

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Despite Delta 8 being legal in the majority of the country and having ever-growing popularity, most usert still don’t know if it’s a good idea to bring on a plane.

In other words, is it safe to fly with Delta 8? Will the TSA pull you out of line and question you under the hot lights if you have some Delta 8  gummies or oils on you? Or will they just bogart the gummies and have a good time in the break room?

Legal Status Of Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC is federally legal, meaning you can buy it almost anywhere, but can you take it anywhere? Whether you’re considering flying with Delta 8 THC to help ease your pre-flight nerves or you want to take your legal buzz on vacation, you should research if the local laws and airline rules fall in your favor.

You need to research the laws of your departure state and destination state. Even if your home state has no restrictions on Delta 8 THC, your destination state could have different laws that restrict Delta 8 THC.

If local law enforcement at your destination were to discover your Delta 8 THC products, you could get into trouble.

Is It Legal To Fly With Delta 8 THC?

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Technically, since it’s federally legal, this means you won’t get in any trouble with the federal government if you transport Delta 8 THC across state lines on an airplane. In many cases, it’s perfectly okay to fly with Delta 8, but you may need to abide by certain rules regarding its storage on the flight. 

It is legal to fly with Delta 8  when you are flying to and from areas where Delta 8  is permitted, as long as the airline you choose doesn’t expressly prohibit Delta 8  products. 

Before you pack your bags, you need to check with your local regulations and your chosen airline to determine what you can and can’t pack. This is true even for products that aren’t Delta 8, and you may be surprised at what you can’t legally carry on a plane (like batteries).

Flying Locally In The U.S.

Delta 8 THC’s legal status doesn’t necessarily clarify the rules on flying with it. The TSA doesn’t address Delta 8  specifically but does clarify that they aren’t exactly looking for it. The TSA isn’t looking for your Delta 8  products or any other hemp products you may stash away in your luggage, but does that mean it’s safe to carry them with you? 

It’s a bit of a grey area, depending on how you interpret the TSA’s cannabis regulations. Here are the states where Delta 8 THC is illegal:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah

Keep in mind some airlines might have restrictions against carrying Delta 8 THC onto their airplanes, even though it is federally legal. Sometimes this can even include vape batteries. Therefore, you need to research the rules of the airlines before booking your plane tickets.

TSA Delta 8 Regulations

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According to the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, the previous TSA rules banned all “marijuana and cannabis-infused products.” Still, the new rule makes an exception for “products that contain no more than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis or are approved by the FDA.”

Federal law specifies that hemp products, including cannabinoids, isomers, and other extracts that contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, are federally legal.

That means that Delta 8  is not a Controlled Substance and is instead a legal hemp product, and there’s nothing explicitly barring you from carrying Delta 8  on the plane. In fact, TSA is not precisely concerned with sniffing out cannabis products. If they do happen to find illicit substances while searching your bags, however, their policy is to turn it over to local law enforcement.

Of course, even if your Delta 8  products are flagged as Delta-9-THC products by mistake, you’re going to be subject to interrogation while the products are being tested.

Flying Internationally With Delta 8 THC

Cannabis products are illegal in most countries in any form. It’s best to do some research on the laws of those countries before traveling. Despite being legal and decriminalized in some countries, there may be laws that prohibit the possession of paraphernalia.

When we say cannabis products in any form, we mean most, if not all, hemp-derived products. Some countries are loosening up and adapting CBD products, but again, it depends on the country you are traveling to.

Storing Delta 8 THC For Your Flight

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It is a worldwide rule that any liquid tobacco products must be packed in your carry-on bag. The same goes for liquid THC products. In cases where vapes are found in checked-in luggage, airlines have the right to search your bag and confiscate it.

In other instances, they may also leave the luggage at the departure airport.

Flying with vapes and batteries can be tricky as there are concerns that electronic vapes and their batteries may be a fire hazard.

Can You Take Delta 8 Gummies On A Plane

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Usually, the answer is yes. Gummies are probably the easiest way to get your legal buzz on the plane. You can generally just leave gummies or other edibles in their original packaging. Gummies, hard candies, and other food items can usually be carried in your carry-on or checked luggage.

Can You Fly With Delta 8 Cartridges?

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TSA demands that all liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, or pastes must be in less than 100 mL (3 oz) bottles and appropriately stored, meaning no possibility for leaks. This is applicable for e-liquids too. If you plan to bring more than the limited amount, you should pack it in your checked-in suitcase. 

There are no size and amount limitations for checked baggage, but it is recommended to double bag it to prevent any spillage in the luggage. Pods and cartridges are also allowed to be stored in the checked suitcase.

Tips For Flying With Delta 8 THC

Keep extra batteries in safe plastic battery cases. On short trips, it’s best if you use disposable vapes since it is easy to carry and no charger or separate e-liquid is needed.

Full vape tanks may leak due to cabin pressure, so fill the tank halfway or leave it empty for the flight.

Bottles may expand due to cabin pressures. To avoid any accidents, pact partially used bottles that have the space for a liquid to expand.

Lastly, seal the caps and openings of the bottles using tape and in a plastic baggy for extra protection.

Easy Delta 8 Products To Travel With

Mellow Fellow Delta 8 Lean

Mellow Fellow Delta 8 Lean Drink has a total of 500 mg of Delta 8 THC per bottle. Probably the easiest to carry on a plane since it’s a liquid, take a shot before the flight or pack in 3 oz bottles in your carry-on. The quality of this product and the well-being of Mellow Fellow’s customers is their #1 priority. 

Mellow Fellow Delta 8 Mellow Clusters

Snacks are allowed on a plane, so no one will really pay attention to an adult eating fruity marshmallow snacks, right? These Delta 8 Mellow Clusters are accurately dosed by Mellow Fellow’s dosing machines to achieve a consistent and reliable therapeutic effect.

Rainbow candy surrounds fruity, gummy centers with 25 mg of D8 per piece. A Delta 8 dosed cluster, packed with a tangy crunch. A candy so tasty, there aren’t even words.

Mellow Fellow Delta 8 Syringes

Easy peasy, no smell, no fuss, tuck it into your bag, and you’re set. These Delta 8 Syringes are a 1 ml graduated glass syringe containing the highest quality 90-99% Delta 8 THC on the market. It’s 100% hemp-derived and federally legal.

Delta 8 THC distillate is a highly viscous, clear to medium amber, translucent oil that will not crystallize. It is so dense that at low temperatures, it behaves almost like a solid. Because of this, you will not be able to push the oil out of the syringe without first heating it, or you may end up breaking the glass syringe or the plastic plunger.

Mellow Fellow Delta 8 Capsules

Plenty of Delta 8 users enjoy tinctures, vape cartridges, and edibles. Some, however, simply like to get their serving over and done with. Best for plane rides since people travel with prescriptions anyways, take it with that free cup of water, and enjoy the flight.

Fortunately, Mellow Fellow has a speedy solution. It doesn’t get faster and more convenient than these Delta 8 capsules. Easy to swallow, effects of tinctures and vegan softgels are felt usually within 90 minutes.


It’s a matter of being cautious when traveling with Delta 8 THC products. You almost need to become a legal expert in marijuana possession because there are so many different laws at play here. You have to respect the federal and state laws in America and the federal and state laws in your destination country. 

Remember, if Delta 8 is legal where you’re going, you can have it delivered there too. Mellow Fellow delivers anywhere in the US where Delta 8 is legal so if you want to avoid the hassle just order in advance and you’ll have your products there in less than a week. 

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September 24, 2021
Written by Kiara Concepcion
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