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Cannabis And Magic Mushrooms: A Surprising Combination

What happens when you mix two mind-altering substances?

Cannabis and magic mushrooms are two of the most popular substances used for recreational and medicinal purposes. Although they are often consumed separately, some people are experimenting with combining them for a unique experience.

Can you mix cannabis and magic mushrooms, and does this pairing of mind-altering substances create a synergistic effect or just cause a bad trip? Although we know the biochemistry responsible for the cannabis high and the mushroom trip, the interaction of these two processes remains a mystery.

Here we tell you what we know so far.

Are Cannabis And Psychedelics Compatible?

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Cannabis and magic mushrooms have different properties.

While the former contains cannabinoids that produce feelings of euphoria and relaxation, the latter contains alkaloids that bind to serotonin receptors and provide psychedelic experiences. But what happens when the two are combined?

Since marijuana and psychedelics produce different effects on the body and brain, users often mix them in the hope of experiencing a synergistic effect.

But are they compatible? Although there are no clinical trials on the safety and efficacy of consuming marijuana and magic mushrooms together, anecdotal accounts describe varied effects.

Some users claim that CBD-rich products help reduce the side effects of mushrooms, while high THC levels enhance their psychedelic effects.

Cannabis And Magic Mushrooms

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To understand the compatibility between these two substances, it is useful to know how they differ. For one thing, marijuana and mushrooms belong to two completely different kingdoms of life.

As members of the plant kingdom, cannabis plants are autotrophic organisms that create energy through photosynthesis.

In contrast, psilocybin mushrooms belong to the fungal kingdom and are heterotrophic organisms that release enzymes to digest food externally before utilizing smaller molecules.

Apart from these evolutionary differences, cannabis and mushrooms produce radically different effects on the human brain.

What Is The Experience Like?

The combination of cannabis and magic mushrooms can produce a variety of effects, depending on dosage and individual tolerance. Some people report enhanced sensory experiences, such as brighter colors and more vivid images. Others report feeling more relaxed and introspective.

However, it is important to note that the combination of these two substances can also increase the intensity of the psychedelic experience, which may not be suitable for everyone.

Potential Benefits

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Proponents of combining cannabis and magic mushrooms argue that it can enhance the therapeutic effects of both substances. For example, cannabis is known for its ability to reduce anxiety and improve mood, which may help alleviate potential anxiety and discomfort that can arise from a mushroom trip.

In addition, some studies have shown that combining cannabis with other psychedelics can lead to deeper mystical experiences and a greater sense of connection.

Potential Risks

While some people may enjoy combining cannabis and magic mushrooms, it is important to be aware of the potential risks. Combining these two substances can increase the risk of experiencing adverse effects, such as paranoia, anxiety, and confusion.

If combined, these substances could potentially generate a “bad trip”, with panic attacks, anxiety, psychosis, and other more serious mental disorders. It is therefore very important to be responsible for the consumption of substances that alter mental perceptions.

Method Of Consumption

The method of consumption of a substance alters the way it acts in the body. The route of administration influences the onset, duration, and even the secondary chemicals created as a result of different metabolic pathways.

Cannabis: Cannabis is a substance that allows consumption in various forms, such as smoked, vaporized, edibles, sublingual, topicals, and more.

Mushrooms: Mushrooms can be consumed fresh or dried, they can also be prepared in infusion. When consumed raw or cooked, the body metabolizes the active compound in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, into psilocin. Psilocin is responsible for the hallucinogenic effects of magic mushrooms.

It is important to remember that the method of consumption can significantly influence the effects of a substance. It is crucial to research and understand the different routes of administration before consuming any substance.


Both compounds can produce different effects.

Cannabis: THC-rich strains produce a high that is often characterized by feelings of euphoria and mood enhancement.

Mushrooms: Psilocybin mushrooms produce a much more intense cognitive experience, depending on the dose. While small doses result in a sense of euphoria and heightened senses, high doses are associated with hallucinations and other alterations of perception.

Set The Mood

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When getting high, we always seek a magical atmosphere in our minds, the people around us, or where we are when consuming them. Thus, setting up the mood improves the experience significantly. For example, you can play music, dim the lights or light a candle.

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Final Opinion

The combination of cannabis and magic mushrooms can produce a unique and potentially therapeutic experience for some people.

However, it is important to know the potential risks before experimenting with this combination.

Experts suggest that if you decide to mix cannabis and magic mushrooms, it is important to do so in moderation. It is advisable to start with low doses of both substances to see how they interact with each other before increasing the amount.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that the combination of these psychoactive substances can have unpredictable effects on people with pre-existing mental disorders, such as anxiety, depression, or schizophrenia.

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