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Cannabis Industry Trends That Will Still Be In Place In 2024

We are likely to see some significant changes in the cannabis industry in 2024, but certain trends will continue to be in place. Are you ready?

The cannabis industry, like all other industries, will face changes next year. We’re not just talking about growth, which there will be. But certain trends are essential to consider when it comes to cannabis marketing.

Other trends have emerged and continued over the years, and knowing and mastering them is critical to managing cannabis marketing.

Market Growth & Legalization

Public support for cannabis legalization is at an all-time high, and these numbers will only increase. 

Cannabis is being legalized in many states, and by 2024 we expect the number of states to continue increasing. This gives rise to a growing market not only in the U.S. but also globally.

As the public becomes more aware of the potential benefits of the plant, it will become even more normalized. Thus more pressure will be placed on government agencies, at the state and federal levels, to legalize it.

This goes hand in hand with market growth. Being aware of the regulations and potential changes in them is key to staying ahead of the curve and taking advantage of market spaces for cannabis that was previously unthinkable.

Legalization and changing attitudes toward cannabis are expanding the market and posing new marketing challenges that you must prepare for.

The growth of the market brings with it an increase in sales but also an increase and tightening of regulations. Not to mention the competition, which will also increase as new brands enter the market.

Taking advantage of the growth and the possibility to reach more people is part of the challenges of 2024, being smart when implementing cannabis marketing strategies.

Product Variety

We are talking about variety like never before. This means new products, new strains, and even new cannabinoids that we don’t even know about yet.

For example, dispensaries can think about opening up their portfolio to products that were previously ignored or overlooked, such as beverages, which are expected to see huge growth next year.

Thinking ahead about the best ways to promote these new varieties can give you a marketing edge.

New Cannabinoids

Not only THC and CBD produce the effects of cannabis, but many other compounds represent benefits for people, such as CBC, CBG, THCV, and CBN, just to name a few.

Additionally, we cannot forget the terpenes, which have a leading role in the world of cannabis and are beginning to be recognized. Don’t be surprised if the show is stolen by these new cannabinoids, blends, and compounds in 2024.

Here comes another cannabis marketing strategy. Take advantage of the boom of these compounds to market products with them; you can also create educational content informing others about them and their benefits.  

Diversity And Customer Growth

Legalization and market growth will make new people interested in and have access to legal cannabis. This will open up niche markets like never before.

Think of new niche cannabis marketing strategies with divergent approaches that will attract attention and inspire the public to try your products. 

Increased Knowledge

The expansion of the market will open up new possibilities for education. This will help eliminate prejudices and get more people interested in trying cannabis and experiencing its benefits first-hand.

Take advantage of diversifying the content of marketing strategies, using education as a way to create community and foster knowledge about the plant and its benefits.

Medical Marijuana

The knowledge about the benefits of marijuana continues to grow. Consequently, more health benefits have been and will be discovered to improve different areas of health in people and even animals.

Taking advantage of medical cannabis knowledge is another way to grow in the industry, and the growth of customers interested in medical cannabis will also increase. It is a niche market that still has a lot of potential to be exploited.

Social Approach

Behind us will be brands that only care about selling, selling, selling. Consumers are actively seeking brands that align with their values.

Addressing social issues such as the environment, minority rights, sustainability, social justice, and inclusion is a way to build community and bond with consumers. That means you have to be specific not only with your products but with your marketing approach to be highly successful.

When brand values and consumer values match, you get great brand loyalty and revenue. Leverage these connections from a genuine and honest place.

Creating Quality Content

Content marketing has been and will continue to be a powerful cannabis marketing force. 

If you are a cannabis or cannabis-related business, content marketing should be at the forefront of your cannabis marketing strategy. It’s also ideal to use various methods to distribute content, including earned, owned, and paid media, to get your content to your desired audience.

Making use of different cannabis marketing tools will also continue to set the pace in the coming year. Leveraging SEO, segmentation, and overall cannabis-focused marketing are must-have tools.

Cannabis & Wellness

It’s no longer just about getting high for the fun of it. The industry’s focus on wellness is inevitable and, in fact, currently already moving over a billion dollars. 

Therefore, more brands will continue to turn to wellness messaging and a focus on wellness to target a broader audience and improve sales.

Informing and educating consumers about the benefits of incorporating cannabis into their fitness, self-improvement, and wellness regimens can positively affect sales.

Data-Driven Marketing

Marketing decisions are no longer made blindly. Guessing who your consumer is and their preferences is a thing of the past.

Plenty of demographic and market data is available to optimize a brand’s marketing strategy. The trick is to dive into the data and analytics to refine and extract useful and actionable information.

Companies must understand their current and potential customers to deliver products and marketing initiatives that will grow the company.


Storytelling and connecting with users is a challenge cannabis companies must conquer by 2024. 

Becoming an expert storyteller will help your company market more effectively and build real bonds with customers.

Consumers are no longer interested in hearing how great your product or service is, not because it’s unimportant. Consumers are interested in the brand story and the real benefits of the product, as well as how it engages with them.

Mobile Marketing

If you don’t have content adapted to mobile devices, you’re in the stone age. Nowadays, practically everyone has a mobile phone in their hands 24/7, so making sure your pages and content are at the fingertips of your niche market is key.

Focus on optimizing your website and making it responsive as well as user-friendly in terms of the consumer’s experience. That way, it will automatically adjust to smaller screens and still offer a fantastic user experience.

Final Opinion

Keep an eye on cannabis industry marketing trends throughout the year, as these can keep changing and updating.

Enlisting the help of a professional cannabis marketing agency to develop more effective marketing strategies and stay on top of the wave this year is also a great alternative. 

Finally, make sure you comply with regulations on advertising and marketing your cannabis products and services.

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