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Circles Vapes Review: Expansive Highs, Reasonable Price

This Eaze exclusive label delivers on high potency as well as mouth-watering taste at a competitive price, as enthralling as its presentation suggests.

Photo courtesy of Circles

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Vapes are becoming a trendy way to consume cannabis by many, especially by those who want to keep it on the down-low.

They are a discrete, smokeless and odorless alternative ideal for moments when you don’t want to call attention to yourself. The best thing is that they don’t sacrifice the quality of the experience—quite the contrary. Compared to flower, vapes pack quite the punch and are boosting in flavors.

Brands like the California-based Circles offer superb alternatives for vape enthusiasts with a product lineup of sativa, indica, and hybrid cartridges.

Here’s our complete review.

About Circles

Photo courtesy of Circles

The mission set by Circles is clear: deliver mind-boggling highs, with high-quality cannabis, at a reasonable price. 

They’re available exclusively through Eaze, where you can find their flower and carts and order them directly to your doorstep so long as you reside within the area they cover.

Their vape cartridges are available in half-gram and full-gram presentations made to standard specifications fitting pretty much any vape battery. 

Currently, they have dozens of strains for sale, covering their bases with an indica, sativa, and hybrid, all meant to be shared and enjoyed. 

What they want is that you “expand your circle” through their offerings. Trying these ones out, we were surprised with what they deliver, especially for the price. 

Let’s go into greater detail about three of the best strains they offer:

Orange Sunrise


Orange Sunrise Vape Cartridge

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Orange Sunrise is Circles’ exclusive sativa strain. It’s a daytime powerhouse with the ability to energize your mind with a potent high, clear, and uplifting. 

If you’re the type of consumer that likes to pair their daily activities and creative endeavors with a drag of your vape, try this one out, it fits the bill perfectly.


On the taste front, the combination of fruity and sour terpenes gives this one its signature profile. Orange Sunrise provides your taste buds with plenty of entertainment, like a fresh-squeezed orange juice in the morning. 

The aftertaste is ever so slightly dry and earthy; it is the final dimension to the experience.

THC Content

Each cartridge’s oil comprises 78% THC on average, meaning these are no slouches. They deliver an authentic sativa experience.

Pink Lemonade


For their hybrid offering, Circles has gone with this tremendous Pink Lemonade vape line. It provides soothing relaxation with a modest cerebral buzz. 

The body high offers instant release from tension and decompresses your muscles after just a few drags. The mind high kicks in just after; it’s a slight tingle that keeps you from dozing off and allows you to enjoy your favorite leisure activities.


In honor of its name, the flavor palate of this Pink Lemonade vape is sweet and refreshing. There’s a hint of berry on the come-up and a slightly minty aftertaste. This mouth pleaser pairs well with friends, music, and good conversation due to its taste and effect.

THC Content

Expect each cartridge to contain an average of 82% THC, delivering noticeable effects even to high-tolerance users.

OG Sorbet


If you’re looking to suspend yourself in the stratosphere and achieve maximum relaxation, the indica OG Sorbet from Circles is the one you’ll be going for. 

The body high delivered by this vape cartridge is unmatched at the price point. It’s a soothing release of tension and anxiety that makes it perfect as a nightcap or for cozy nighttime activities.


OG Sorbet is sweet to taste, with some citrus and pine notes to complement the mellow flavor profile. Users also report floral aftertastes, releasing a plethora of therapeutic aromas into the air upon each exhale.

THC Content

These cartridges also contain around 82% THC so maybe go easy if it’s your first time trying vapes; perhaps try a lower voltage setting or softer inhales.

Final Thoughts

For an up-and-coming brand like Circles (they began in 2020), this is a superb lineup of cartridge offerings. They cover their bases well, having something to please most vapers. 

They also overdeliver with their competitive price, meaning first-timers or bulk buyers are more likely to pull the trigger on their products.

Order yours on Eaze and get $30 off using HERB30. This exclusive discount is only applicable to first orders.

September 30, 2021
Written by Pedro Bernal
CaliforniareviewsTHCvape cartridges
September 30, 2021
Written by Pedro Bernal
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