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Photo courtesy of Dank Lite

Learn | 08.17.2022

Delta 8 Mushrooms Are A Thing: Here’s What You Need To Know

Will this trend stick?

If you are an experienced cannabis user, sometimes you might find that commercial edibles tend to be on the mellow side.

Whether you’ve tried CBD, Delta 8, or even a mix of both in edibles, you might have noticed that some edibles in the cannabis market hit a little lighter than your typical brownie.

This is why we checked these Power-Up Mushrooms from Dank-Lite: the Delta 8 and THC-O infused shiitake mushrooms bring 500 mg of the innovative cannabinoid mix with each pack. 

These savory dried snacks are not hallucinatory like their cousin fungi but are rather strong on the psychoactive side. 

With one of the strongest doses we’ve checked out in a light snack, these edibles are for sure a revolutionary power-up for those avoiding smoke in their cannabis intake with the D8 and THC-O mix. 

They are also 100% vegan, kosher, and sugar-free, so if you’ve been avoiding edibles because of your lifestyle, look no further.

In this article, we’ll let you know everything you need to know about this new trend: flavor, potency, cannabinoids, effects, and recommended dose.

About Dank-Lite

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Photo courtesy of Dank Lite

Don’t let the colorful branding distract you at a first glance, the folks at Dank-Lite are a pretty serious and top-shelf brand.

For starters, all of their flower and hemp-based products are exclusively grown indoor, grown and harvested in an artisan process with the utmost care.

For over 7 years they’ve brought premium experiences to the cannabis space, innovating the market with their innovative CBD strains. Some of their most famous in-house cultivars include Berry Blossom, Cherry Wine, Cobbler, Magic Bullet, and Trophy Wife.

Furthermore, they are consistently creating new strains and products through their experienced breeders. Some of their newest products include HHC products, Delta 8, Delta 10, THC-P, THCV, and even THC-O. 

Besides their potency, third-lab testing, and fun branding, Dank-Lite is one of the big brands out there that are continuously innovating and creating new products without losing that premium feel.

What Are Delta 8 And THC-O?

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Photo by Davide Ragusa / Unsplash

Before we dive into these powerful new sorts of edibles, let’s have a quick look at Delta 8 and THC-O. To sum it up, D8 THC is an isomer of CBD found in hemp and hemp extracts. 

It works similar to the famous Delta 9 THC or regular THC, but it binds differently due to its chemical structure.

Delta 8 has been associated with a milder high, less paranoia and side effects than its cousin Delta 9. 

THC-O on the other hand is another cannabinoid compound that has recently been pretty popular. This synthetic compound has been found roughly three times stronger than conventional THC, as it has borderline hallucinatory effects.

The combination of both cannabinoids has been popular in the cannabis space lately, as Delta 8 tends to have a very pleasant, quick body buzz. The THC-O compliments this by releasing its effects a lot slower with potent mind and body high.

So the pairing of both might give you an intense experience for sure.

Your Delta-8 Personal Power-Up Mushroom

Let’s go deeper into these shrooms that are basically a power-up mushroom from your favorite Mario Game. The Delta 8 THC/THC-O Mushroom Edible Packs are a special kind of edible: cannabis-infused shiitake mushrooms.

These dried-up, food-grade mushrooms are infused with both Delta 8 and THC-O to increase the potency of both cannabinoids. Each pack contains 4 g of mushrooms with 500 mg of the cannabinoids mix, 250 mg of sweet, high potency D8 paired with 250 mg of the trendy new kid on the block, THC-O.

The mushrooms themselves are not hallucinatory or psychedelic, but after being infused with both cannabinoids, they turn into a psychoactive bomb that proves to be one of the strongest edibles you can find around.

Effects & Flavors

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Photo courtesy of Binoid

If you are tired of sweet edibles, these mushrooms filled with umami might be just the thing. Although neutral in flavor, these shrooms taste like the ones you could get at your specialty Asian store, so if you are interested in new experiences I’d recommend this.

A word of advice, these edible mushrooms hit like Bowser on the last level on Super Mario. If you are not into video games, that means that they hit hard. THC-O is roughly three times stronger than regular THC, which paired up with high-quality Delta 8, will send you to your next mushroom kingdom adventure.

Effect-wise, you can expect a mellow high at first with an excellent body buzz. After that, you might feel a second cerebral buzz over several hours, once the THC-O kicks in.

And even though they don’t provide a psychedelic experience, these sort of shrooms are still a fun and intense experience.

Suggested Use

The suggested intake is about one mushroom for regular users. I’d recommend eating half of that for beginners or people with little to no experience in the edible department. These edibles contain the equivalent of a very strong batch of infused brownies, so think of as less is more.

In most cases, the Delta 8 will kick in about 5 through 30 minutes after eating it. The THC-O effects will creep up within 30 to 60 minutes, so I’d say wait at least an hour before trying a larger portion. 

Effects may last up to 6 hours, so they are perfect for a long weekend, bringing some series, or reliving your favorite arcade games on your favorite gaming platform.

Not recommended if you have to drive or move around, so I’d go for a lower dose or a different kind of edible for that sort of experience.


If you’ve ever felt like edibles are either too sweet or too mild for your experience, the Delta 8 THC/THC-O Mushroom Edible Packs are the thing for you.

With 500 mg of a mix of D8 and THC-O in each pack, you’ll find these are not your regular Mario Power-Up shrooms.

Made from food-grade shiitake mushrooms, these edibles are savory and pretty neutral in their flavor. Although they are small in a bite, they pack a punch and are equivalent to a really potent batch of cannabis-infused brownies, so proceed with caution.

Would you try these innovative, strong, and savory edibles? Or do you prefer the milder or sweet type? 

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