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Learn | 02.10.2022

Delta Extrax THC Rox Review: Pop Rocks Just Got Better

One of the good things about being an adult is that you can still have candy but in an even more fun way. Check out these fizzy treats.

Candies… Candies.

That’s it.

Nah, we’re kidding. But not entirely, since we are talking about one of the newest products that Delta Extrax has brought to the market: their Delta 9 infused rock candy, THC Rox, which are made to assimilate the taste and experience of famous popping sweets Pop Rocks, but with a twist.

The edible market is always bursting with new ideas and presentations that combine the fun, sugary treats we already know and love with the fun, psychoactive ingredients we already know and love.

Now, this cannabis and the hemp-made product are ready for your delight before and after the high hits.

What Are They?

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If you’ve never had the pleasure of eating popping candy, then we have to warn you… It’s a treat!

It might feel and sound strange when you do it, but once the fizziness gives way for the fantastic flavors and eventually the full effects of the cannabinoids within each presentation, you’re in for the real treat.


Delta Extrax has come up with three different flavors for you to choose from Blue Raspberry, Cherry Limeade, and Tropical Blast.

The first two are pretty self-explanatory, but the third comes with a combination of flavors that make for a wonderful burst of sweetness in your mouth. 

Cannabinoid Content

Each packet comes with 10 mg of Delta 9 THC, as well as 5 mg of THC-O; they comply with the corresponding laws that maintain that Delta 9 THC concentrates stay under a 0.3% concentration. 


The physical effects are much like a spiritual retreat or an Ayahuasca cleanse: we can’t really tell you; you have to live it by yourself to understand.

The candy fizzes and makes slight popping noises as if mini-explosions were occurring the second the candy comes in contact with any liquid-like saliva.

It feels slightly ticklish and odd, but once the popping dies and the candy feels almost completely melted, it is safe to swallow and taste each flavor. 

The effects of Delta 9 are easier to describe because they’re easier to relate to (however, we still recommend you try it yourself).

It’ll settle in your body once you’ve metabolized the edibles, giving you a nice head buzz that will make you feel calm and relaxed but not majorly drowsy.

Out of Delta’s, Delta 9 might be the perfect middle child: not as soft as some experienced users perceive Delta 8, but also not too strong like Delta 10.

It will mainly aid your creativity, boosting your inner artist to create and work through a creative flow unlike any other while clearing your mind of any stressors that could interrupt your process.

How To Use Them

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Each pack contains one serving, so remember to take the recommended dosage if you want to experience the effects of the THC Rox.

Whether you take them slowly or all at once, the idea is that you put about a teaspoonful of candies on your tongue and keep your mouth open, so you can feel and hear the tiny popping of each piece as they melt into your mouth. 

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