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Learn | 09.23.2021

Eaze Weed Delivery Review: A Dispensary At Your Doorstep

The age of legal weed delivery is upon us, and Eaze makes it simple to get what you want as soon as you want it.

No more trips to a shady backstreet, no more flower of unknown origin, no more waiting for hours until your dealer decides it’s worth his time to deliver.

With Eaze, California residents can unlock the convenience of getting weed, vapes, edibles, and pretty much every other cannabis product delivered legally and safely to their doorstep.

About Eaze

Founded in 2014 by Keith McCarty in the Bay Area, Eaze is now stronger than ever and looking to become the largest legal weed distributor in the US.

They operate as an intermediary, connecting California dispensaries to customers and delivering, but are now looking to have their own stock and establish themselves as a full-fledged online retailer.

They have raised over $255 million to date. Taking advantage of a significant update to Apple’s App Store policy, they are now available to sell their products through their app and take them directly to consumers. Eaze are also looking to expand their services to other states where it would be legal, but as of now operate exclusively in California.

To date, they have completed over 7 million legal weed deliveries to 800,000 customers, generated around 120 jobs, and partnered with over 100 brands, including some of the better-known names in the industry.

How Does Eaze Work

When you place an order through Eaze, a registered dispensary near you will fulfill it and ship it through one of Eaze’s verified delivery drivers, arriving at your doorstep within an hour or so depending on distance, traffic, and availability.

What Products Can You Buy On Eaze?

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Photo courtesy of Eaze

Well, pretty much anything on sale on your average dispensary, including the top-shelf stuff.

You can use Eaze to procure strains upon strains of flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates for all your smoking needs, all shipped discreetly and packaged in sealed containers.

Eaze also has a wide selection of vapes, edibles, CBD, and even wellness products that includes essential oils and drops. If your kit is missing something, there’s also some paraphernalia for sale.

The convenience doesn’t only come from the delivery, but also through the sheer variety of products available.

How To Shop On Eaze

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Photo courtesy of Eaze

You can access all Eaze’s offerings through their website or app. The registration process is straightforward and hassle-free: you will have to create an account and provide your residential address to make sure they cover your area; you need to be 21 or older and provide proof of identification (preferably government-issued).

If you register a credit card, it will be verified by your assigned delivery driver upon receiving the product, so have it on hand.

Once you have your account set up and your documents ready, you’re set to fill up your cart with anything you want.

The minimum purchase for delivery is $50 plus the delivery fee.

Where Does Eaze Deliver?

To access the services provided by Eaze, you will have to reside within California, specifically in one of the following areas:

  •         Bay Area – SF & Peninsula
  •         Bay Area – East Bay
  •         Bay Area – South Bay
  •         Central Valley
  •         Inland Empire
  •         LA County
  •         Lake & Mendocino Counties
  •         Marin County
  •         Napa & Sonoma Counties
  •         Orange County
  •         Sacramento Metro
  •         San Diego County
  •         Solano & Yolo Counties
  •         Ventura County

You must also provide a residential address, as Eaze does not deliver to streets, landmarks, or crossings.

Final Words

All in all, Eaze is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to get weed delivered. If you work from home or cannot haul yourself to the nearest dispensary, it’s got you covered.

The wide variety of products available, the quick and easy registration, and the speed and trustworthiness make them a godsend when you run out of stock.

It is genuinely a remarkable age to live in when you can get high-quality weed delivered legally to your doorstep within the hour.

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