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Flow Kana Gold Review: Premium Sun-Grown Cannabis For True Connoiseurs

A new Northern California Gold Rush is happening, just with different types of nuggets.

Photo courtesy of Flow Kana

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You won’t have to plan for these nugs, they’ll be jarred and ready to smoke.

Check out the high-quality flower from a cannabis company that preaches clean, sustainable cultivation and aims to bring an enlightened consciousness to the industry. 

Who Is Flow Kana?

Photo courtesy of Flow Kana

Flow Kana is a sustainable cannabis brand that hails from the epicenter of weed, California’s Emerald Triangle. The parent company is Flow Cannabis, which was formed in 2015 and is headquartered in Mendocino County.  Partnering with small farmers in the area, Flow Kana is known for producing clean, compliant cannabis products that never fail to impress. 

Flow Kana wants its patrons to know how and where their pesticide-free, carefully cultivated cannabis is grown. Kissed from the sun and handled with care, the flower from Flow Kana is supplied by over one hundred small farms that utilize these top-tier techniques to cultivate cannabis that meets or exceeds the company’s high standards.

Flow Kana Gold

Photo courtesy of Flow Kana

The Gold flower from Flow Kana is sun-grown using sustainable techniques from some of Northern California’s best independent farms.

Don’t let the absence of indoor growing fool you, this flower is grown using sustainable techniques and hand-finished to ensure its excellence. 

These individually inspected nugs are reviewed for the cure, moisture, color, structure, trim quality, trichome levels, terpenes, and cannabinoid profiles.

You can’t go wrong with these high THC strains that are handled with care and precision.


These eighths come in 100% recyclable and reusable glass jars that make a great addition to your accessories inventory. Not only is the jar reusable and recyclable, but it is made with UV-protected glass that has a black tint and protects your flower from drying out and being exposed to the elements of the environment. 

The gold-lined labels that secure the jar will have information regarding the THC and CBD levels of the particular stain, as well as a barcode that links to their testing results.


Lemonhead OG

Flow Kana

Lemonhead OG

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This strain is known for its balanced effect and refreshing citrus aroma. Packaged in the 100% recyclable (or reusable) glass jar, this potent flower could be the boost of creative energy you need. The hybrid effects also include a relaxing feeling that overcomes the body and soothes the soul. 

Containing 25% THC and tasting pine, citrus, and mint, this stimulating strain is an instant mood elevator and producer of giggles. Great for those suffering from depression, pain, and stress, this strain will lift your spirits and your brain (into the clouds).

Mango Sherbert

An indica dominant strain that provides a strong cerebral high, Mango Sherbert finishes with an overwhelming feeling of ease and relaxation.

With a THC level sitting at about 24%, this tropical strain is appealing to your senses of smell and taste. With mango, citrus, and a hint of spice, you’ll appreciate the sweet, fruity aromas and powerful effects.


Banana Mango

Flow Kana’s Banana Mango pairs the joy of life with the refreshing, tropical taste of fruit. It fills your senses will the scent of sunshine and makes for a moment to be remembered. It has a relaxing but energizing effect that leaves you feeling happy and uplifted, making it great for social situations.

With a THC content of 18-22%, this strain is more on the calming and relaxing side of the spectrum but will be helpful in focus needing tasks and is excellent for pain, anxiety, depression, and nerves. It’s great for when you need to decompress and destress or chill out.

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Blue Dawg

This tranquil strain will give you an uplifting cerebral boost that will enhance your state of mind and prepare you for whatever your day has in store. This sativa also contains 0.07% CBD and has produced a balancing effect of happiness and relaxation. Take a lot off with this euphoric strain that will last longer than you might expect. 

Kiss your anxiety goodbye with this mood-lifting sativa that will engulf your entire body and make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Taste the sweet blueberry profiles when you puff on this strain that is also effective in treating insomnia.

Sure, you’ll get a mood boost at first, but connoisseurs enjoy the body high that creeps up not too long after, making this strain a favorite of those who want a more balanced experience. 


Wedding Crasher

Flow Kana’s Wedding Crasher is an indica-leaning hybrid grown under the sun in Northern California. This cultivar’s terpene profile offers a relaxing effect on the body and an energizing, stimulating mind sensation. It’s perfect for game night with friends, a solo creative session, or getting chores done around the house.

This strain will give you the perfect head high without making you too tired! You’ll get energized for fun, but chill enough to get things done.

Dosi Punch

We recommend Dosi Punch to all relaxation lovers. This strain is best for anyone looking to unwind from a stressful day. With a THC level of 22% and high amounts of Limonene and Caryophyllene, this flower offers a feel-good, profoundly relaxing effect.

This strain, a product of crossing Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch, is perfect for a lazy Sunday when you can stay in bed and watch Friends reruns without missing a single episode.

October 07, 2021
Written by Ricky Alejandro
October 07, 2021
Written by Ricky Alejandro
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