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Four Ways To Use Delta 8 Syringes

We found the most convenient way to use Delta 8. Created with Eighty Six.

Have you ever heard about the wonders of cannabis syringes? You are basically getting a cannabis jack of all trades that can be used in virtually every method of consumption.

Check out these four ways you can use the Eighty Six Delta 8 syringes!

What Are The Eighty Six D8 Syringes?

Photo courtesy of Eighty Six

You may not be very fond of syringes or needles, but these glass tubes are just related to those by name.

In reality, the Delta 8 THC Syringes by Eighty Six are a glass tube that packs a full-spectrum, hemp-derived, Delta 8 extract that will rock your socks off. 

Whether you choose to smoke, vape, cook with or eat these raw, you are in for a delicious and potent treat. What I find most interesting about these D8 syringes is how versatile and convenient they are for the user, something you’ll see proven up ahead.

The syringes come in five incredible strains combinations that are packed with a high-purity Delta 8 concentrate. 

Strains Available

Cereal Killer

This combination of Fruity Pebbles OG and Alien Kush will give you qproper relaxation, a calming and uplifting effect that is great for creatives, social, and focus-driven people.

Boo Berry

The Boo Berry D8 Syringe combines the Blue Dreams and Lemon Haze strains, which will provide a unique experience that has an incredibly fruity and tangy flavor profile. 

Berry Slush

This syringe packs a blend of the Mojito and the Strawberry Cough strains, two well-known sativas that are bound to soothe and relax your body and soul, plus lift the mood and spirits.

Jen & Berry’s

What better way to get a creativity and productivity boost than the Jen & Berry’s D8 Syringe, which packs an exhilarating combination of Gelato and Ice Cream Cake, two great relaxing and mental clarity strains.

Grape Soda

This indica cross of Purple Punch and Blue Cookies sets the tone for a pleasant and relaxing affair with life. Indulge in this product with care, as you may feel sluggishness and some drowsiness.

How To Use Them

Let’s take a look at four ways you can consume the Eighty Six syringes, take into consideration that there are many more and you can get creative!

Please remember to heat up the contents of the glass so as to not break the glass with the pressure you put into it.

​Making Edibles

Photo by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

Edibles are fairly straightforward to make, but you can easily make your own at home without having to decarboxylate or process weed by using the Eighty Six Delta 8 syringes.

This really makes things much easier because you can squeeze the necessary amount out from the glass tube and directly into your mix. 

Another great benefit when making edibles with distillate from the Eighty Six’s D8 syringes is that you can make raw edibles, so spice up any salad, a bowl of ice cream, or whatever comes to mind! 

​Rolling Infused Pre-Rolls

Photo by Georgia Love for Herb

If you want to take your joint and blunt rolling skills to the literal next level, you must learn how to infuse your rolls with the extract contained in the Eighty Six Delta 8 THC Syringes.

Essentially you are adding complexity in effects and flavors, adding another level of intensity that both your tongue and body are going to appreciate. 

To infuse your rolled joint you want to start with a nicely packed roll, you can then apply a very thin rope of oil over the cone in a spiral form.

Remember to keep it light, you are infusing a joint, which means you want to add, rather than take away, and if you add too much you are definitely going to be ruining your smokable.

​Sublingual Dosing

Photo courtesy of Eighty Six

Cannabis syringes can be used in the same way as you’d use a tincture. Simply place the desired amount under your tongue and let it be absorbed into your sublingual artery without further need of action. 

This is perhaps one of the easiest and most convenient ways of dosing off of syringes because you can discreetly do so at any point and time.

Do take into consideration that you should do your diligence to better understand the dosing, as it is not going to be absorbed like an edible, but directly into your bloodstream.

​Easy Dabbing

Photo by Georgia Love for Herb

How much easier can dabbing be if we take into consideration that with slight heating of the glass tube you can precisely dispense the desired amount into your tool or bowl.

You will not find an easier way to experience your dab sessions!

To dab using the Eighty Six syringes, you should prepare your rig, set it or take it to the desired temperature and then apply your distillate as you would with any other form of wax or dabs.

You are going to be amazed by the intense flavors and effects you will live through. 

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