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Learn | 04.15.2021

From Legacy Market To Legal: How Quality Can Get Better With Legal Grows

If there is one thing that legalization has brought us, it is better cannabis. Created with Flowr.

For years, cannabis was a legacy market industry hamstrung by prohibition, and in some places, it still is. Nowadays, when cannabis is enjoying a quasi-legal status, and a more mainstream place in the culture, the quality of buds has risen dramatically.

It makes sense. Not only is it harder to focus on the craft of cultivation if you’re constantly looking over your shoulder because you’re worried about being busted, but legal grows also have better access to resources like land and state-of-the-art facilities.

Also, since legal cannabis is subject to more oversight than legacy market buds, quality standards have gone up, making legal cannabis way better in absolutely everything. 

Legacy Market Cannabis vs. Legal Cannabis

Flowr’s BC Pink Kush. Photo courtesy of Flowr

Even though cannabis is now legal in countries such as Canada and several states of the U.S, when we look at the history of cannabis, it has, for the most part, been cultivated, processed, and sold illegally.

Despite it being legal in many places, legacy market cannabis is still present, and it even thrives in some of them. Luckily for us, that trend is changing. Legal cannabis businesses are becoming more established and go the extra step to craft cannabis that excels in every aspect and surpasses the legacy market stuff.

Brands like Flowr, for example, follow the highest standards in cannabis cultivation and use innovation and technology to ensure that their final product is the best. Which ultimately is ideal for us, consumers.

Benefits Of Legal Cannabis

The most outstanding benefit of legal cannabis is, of course, the quality of the final product. Now that cannabis is legal, cultivators do not have to be constantly worried about being busted. Today, they place all their energy, resources, and focus on producing and delivering an excellent product to the cannabis user.

Governments today do not focus on going after illegal producers; instead, they have defined clear regulations to ensure that legal cannabis always has a minimum quality level. Still, brands like Flowr raise the bar to create premium products with unparalleled quality. 

State Of The Art Facilities

The Okanagan Valley, home of Flowr’s cultivation center. Photo courtesy of Flowr

Illegal cannabis growers are usually hiding in basements or sheds often overpopulated with plants that are impossible to look after. Today, legal cannabis growers have the most beautiful, ample, and accessible facilities where they grow their plants.

At Flowr’s growing site in the fertile Okanagan Valley, in Canada, all plants are indoor-grown in small batches. Additionally, the facilities are carefully designed to provide the ideal conditions for growing cannabis. This way, they can take the utmost and individualized care of each plant to ensure that it grows to its full potential and produces premium-quality buds.

Qualified Professionals

Deron Caplan, PhD., Flowr’s Director of R&D. Photo courtesy of Flowr

A vital part of any organization is the people who work in it. In the legal cannabis industry, companies also make an effort to hire only the best people who are ideal for the job. Flowr understands that to be able to produce top-quality cannabis, it has to employ top-quality people.

At Flowr, the workforce is a combination of long-time cannabis cultivators with decades of experience, researchers, and growers who bring science and technology into the processes. This is why Flowr can perfect, optimize, and upgrade its strains with every harvest.


Photo courtesy of Flowr

With legal cannabis, you can say goodbye to irregularly dosed, and ugly-looking buds. Legitimate cannabis companies work hard every day to produce standardized buds that will always have the same appearance, smell, potency, and effects.

Flowr is an example of a brand that exceeds the legal requirements and instead aims to meet the highest quality criteria. Flowr’s products have been designed through science-led phenohunts and carefully made with extreme rigor in every single step of the production process.

With Flowr, you’re getting premium, lab-tested, beautiful cannabis buds with precise, consistent potency, flavors, and effects.


Flowr’s BC Pink Kush. Photo courtesy of Flowr

Legal cannabis grows are all about precision. Using technology, research, and top-notch employees, legal cannabis companies can measure and modify everything in their growing practices, so they always produce better buds. Flowr, for example, is driven by progress and improvements in the quality of its products.

The people at Flowr are continually tweaking and tuning their cultivation, harvesting, and processing techniques so that each new crop is slightly better than the one before. This degree of attention is what allows Flowr to cultivate some of the best quality cannabis out there.

Higher Standards

Flowr’s BC Tahoe OG. Photo courtesy of Flowr

The ultimate purpose of legal cannabis. Every process, decision, or player involved in a legal cannabis business is done or has this goal in mind: the quality of the final products. With this in mind, Flowr has dedicated years of study and research into everything they do, controlling and measuring every aspect of their cultivation process to develop a product line that stands out for the superior taste, potency, and appearance.

Flowr does not want to simply meet the minimum legal standards. Flowr wants to go above and beyond and set a new standard with consistently dosed cannabis with well-balanced terpene profiles and unparalleled quality.

Choose Legal

The cannabis industry is changing every year. Legalization is becoming the new normal, and be sure that in the future it will become legal in more states and countries, and many more legitimate businesses will appear.

Brands like Flowr are doing their part by coming up with premium products that excel in absolutely everything and set a higher standard for cannabis. It is our duty as cannabis consumers to change our ways, move away from illegal cannabis, and start supporting licit companies that are making an effort to elevate their game and create better products for us.

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