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GRAV’s Concentrate Taster Is The Simplest Way To Dab

This tiny device is your on-the-go dabbing solution.

Photo courtesy of GRAV Labs

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There is nothing better than having a reliable, portable concentrate tool that can take in your extracts and give you that beautiful feeling your soul longs for. This is the feeling you enjoy with the Taster from GRAV. It comes with a thoughtful design and a fantastic and elegant finish. 

There are a lot of fine details that will awe you on this elegant-looking concentrate taster. The design is just there, and it is exclusively built and made to last the test of time. This is a fantastic offering, as it gets you going and will be a great addition to your long list of collections. 

In this review, we shall look at all the parts of the GRAV Taster, giving you a comprehensive idea of everything you need to know about this taster and making your buying journey easy. Let’s get started here and get things running at a go.


Concentrate Taster

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About GRAV Labs

Based in Austin, Texas, GRAV Labs is a leader in producing time-tested and proven weed-smoking tools that make having a good smoke a viable option. They have built a name for themselves and are constantly working to keep your smoking and vaporizing intentions pointed in the right direction.


If you desire to take your tokes just anywhere you go, then this glass device is for you. It is designed to be easily stashed in your pocket and go everywhere with you. Sometimes you can easily forget the fact that it’s even there.

Another advantage of the portable Taster is how convenient it is. One more addition to this list of pros is the discrete nature of the piece.


We’ve gone on and on about the sleek design of the Taster, but we haven’t yet talked about the size and portability of the device. A sleek and portable product should also measure well in terms of size, an element that the pipe was not about to disappoint with.

Because it measures only 12 mm in length, this borosilicate glass taster can easily be forgotten in your pocket. With the complete definition of sleekness and trim, it fits just about anywhere, which is the main benefit that GRAV has to offer with this exotic piece.

While the size of the taster is quite alright with no issues of any sort, the dish size has got some issues to be dealt with. It is small; the little borosilicate scoop requires patience to handle correctly. Also, if you are not careful enough or try holding your dish to the ground, you can easily have your extracts fall off.

This is a significant turnoff, but the inconvenience can be easily overlooked once you consider the price.

Torch Time

Photo courtesy of GRAV Labs

With a butane torch, you can get your taster working in a few minutes. With only 60 seconds of heating, your taster is ready for an entire session of outright bliss. You will indeed love this! 

Furthermore, the cooling time of the Taster is one more delight, which means no more waiting for your piece to cool down before you begin your sesh. The Taster cools off within 3 minutes, making both lighting and cooling an effortless task.


Another highlight is how easy the Taster is to clean. This device definitely kills it here as well. Even though the Taster is a ‘bite-sized’ design,  cleaning it is extremely easy. It can be dismantled, cleaned, and reassembled in a matter of minutes. 

What Don’t We Like About The Taster?

If you intend to use this taster for your dry herbs, you are barking up the wrong tree. Sorry to say, it doesn’t work with dry herbs. If concentrates are your thing, the Taster is where it’s at. 

This Taster is a great find at an incredibly low $20 price tag; the sleek, elegant, and classy design will always blow our minds, and its discrete nature will allow you to fly high while still keeping your endeavors under the radar. 

August 10, 2021 — Last Updated August 18, 2021
Written by Marcos Heredia
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August 10, 2021 — Last Updated August 18, 2021
Written by Marcos Heredia
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