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Learn | 09.10.2021

Herbalizer vs Volcano: 2 Heavy Contenders For The Best Desktop Vaporizer

Thinking about investing in a desktop herb vaporizer? Vaporizer technology is more advanced than ever. Here’s how the top two contenders stack up.

You are in for a treat, for we are about to analyze two top-tier machines. This article will explore which contender comes out on top, battling a close fight for the belt; get ready for the Herbalizer vs. Volcano. What a spectacle!

When I am in the market to buy a vaporizer, especially one of such proportions and functionality as the Herbalizer and the Volcano offer, I am looking for certain traits and characteristics that will satisfy my needs, what I want, and my pocket in regards to cost-benefit. Although, in terms of price, both of these pieces battle it out closely.  

Vaporizers are now, more than ever, being used for more than recreational use. Medical patients are taking full advantage of the many medicinal benefits and effects of vaping. So we for sure want to get a good look at what these canna-tech workhorses have to offer.

We will take a spin, looking at both herbalizers through the scope, because it is vital to know a bit about both devices. Then, we will see them battle it out at the main event, a five-round clash. Both fighters need to battle to see which is the best desktop vaporizer

In the red corner, we have the Herbalizer, a modern gem. And, in the blue corner, we have the veteran, the Volcano. Fighting four rounds, these devices will go head to head in size and design, quality, usability, and vapor quality.

We are about to experience one of the closest matches yet!

The Herbalizer: Sleek, Modern & Precise

Boasting a modern and self-described sleekness, the Herbalizer is a beauty. This desktop vaporizer is round, somewhat compact, and well refined. This desktop vaporizer blends in well with its surroundings, like a well-trained elite force. Such as it is. 

Coming in from what some may think is the underdog position, seeing as its contender is a veteran of sorts, the Herbalizer packs a definite punch. Armed to the teeth with incredible features and highly valued traits like consistency, versatility, and state-of-the-art precision, we are in for a treat.

I, for one, am absolutely stunned by this device. I would highlight some key traits before we see both devices battle it out. For starters, the Herbalizer is packed with tech and backed with an intelligent and intuitive system.

But come on, this rockstar has a complete arsenal of accessories and delivery methods that will excite pragmatics.

The Volcano: Pioneer, Veteran, Expert

An absolute stunner in appearance, with a proven track record and a serious will to stun the audience. By Storz & Bickel, the Volcano delivers pure vapor with a flavor quality that leaves the user absolutely satisfied. 

Honestly, guys, we have the proven engineering quality of a device that has been in development and improving since 1996. Yet, some features might have room for improvement, making the Herbalizer a fitting counterpart for this duel.

Featuring German engineering and design, this device is worthy of your trust. Sturdiness, robustness, stunning visual appearance, and a great user experience make this device a deluxe, top-shelf product. 

The Volcano has 20+ years of experience, a great timeless look, amazing features, and durability. Hopefully, that’s enough to overcome and come out top.

Round One: Size & Design

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Photo courtesy of Storz & Bickel

While both these vaporizers have stunning looks, there’s a clear difference in size. The Volcano is quite robust and tall compared to the Herbalizer, looking heavier and tougher due to its finish and materials. But to be honest, the bigger Volcano also has a bigger herb chamber, making it able to perform for you and a group of buds.

I prefer the looks of the Volcano, fashioning a polished metal casing and a matte black base. On the other hand, the Herbalizer looks more rounded, like an aromatherapy pod, and has a much smaller herb chamber, ideal for one or two vapers. 

In terms of size, the Herbalizer has an advantage because it is more compact, but I favor the Volcano’s aesthetic design. It’s a sight to behold, with a smooth finish and a sturdiness I doubt the Herbalizer can compete with. And not only is the Volcano, in my opinion, a masterpiece of design because of its looks but because of its simple and battle-proven functionality.

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Photo courtesy of Herbalize

Let’s be realistic; the Volcano is elegant, simple, and has no mechanical pieces that will be a nuance later. Without a lid that may break and with well-machined pieces, some users have a completely functional and gorgeous-looking Volcano that’ll turn 15 or 16 this year.

I’m not so sure the Herbalizer, even if well kept, can withstand the abuse the Volcano can. 

I’m going to go with the bold silhouette, sturdiness, and resistance of the Volcano. I am not opposed to bulkier devices or gadgets, and in a way or two, they normally seem to last longer.

With eternally well-put-together looks and a solid design, The Volcano wins Round One.

Round Two: Quality

I’d like to start by saying that with great design normally comes amazing quality, which is a virtue the Volcano holds onto tightly. This deluxe vape is close to perfection regarding performance and reliability, and I have to say the reports of quality and durability are jaw-dropping. 

The Herbalizer has impeccable build quality, but some key components might seem to take points away rather than add to this machine’s potential. This vaporizer has a plastic lid/tray, and when compared to the simple and refined construction of the Volcano, it’s something that might snap, get a little game or simply stop working correctly.

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Photo courtesy of Storz & Bickel

Nothing beats metal, and with fewer electronic parts to deal with, although these play an important role up ahead, the Volcano is simply put, a proven staple of quality construction, design, and functionality. 

Although close, because the Herbalizer has features and functionality equal to those of the Volcano, the construction and design quality give it away.

For the winner of Round Two, the Volcano.

Round Three: Usability

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Photo courtesy of Storz & Bickel

This is starting to get trickier, but this point is a definite game-changer. When we talk about usability, we refer to how well we can use the device’s functions to achieve a defined goal.

I want to add something to the list. What about all the different ways a device can be used? Or what about intelligent features that will spice up our user experience with a certain device?

Here’s where the Volcano is old reliable, but the Herbalizer takes a good shot and steals the show.

Although every aspect of the Volcano works and feels amazing, the Herbalizer has some definite additions I consider are elemental when it comes down to this round’s showdown.

With a myriad of technologic features, the Herbalizer is user-friendly, user safe, and offers four distinct methods of consumption, something only manageable with the Volcano if we mod it a little. The Herbalizer decided to give it all this round, showcasing automatic processes, easier adjustments for aromatherapy and vapor therapy, and a faster heating element.

I love the traditional and trustworthy characteristics and usability of the Volcano. Still, the Herbalizer does pack a serious punch when it comes to tech, an impressive feat and something that will be crucial for usability and vapor quality.

Round Four: Vapor Quality

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Photo courtesy of Herbalize

This is a complicated and tricky one because both devices are astonishing when it comes down to vapor quality. Both the Herbalizer and the Volcano are amazing devices with impeccable vapor quality. 

I’d say this round is a locked stalemate with two mean contenders that undoubtedly excel at their task, it only comes down to personal preference in regards to slight systematic and design differences.

First, the Herbalizer has precise temperature control with a built-in processor that works at temperatures ranging from 290°F to 445°F. On the other hand, the Volcano has a gorgeous temperature knob that adjusts with ease. In no ways can we say one is superior to the other, but just a matter of design and preference, I might even go with the analog Volcano. 

Some users might prefer all the tech-powered features of the Herbalizer, which are great, but when it comes down to vapor quality are not a key factor to look at. This round is a draw.

Who Wins?

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Photo courtesy of Storz & Bickel

Still undefeated, the Volcano.

A device with solid construction that will last for decades, with refined engineering and impeccable performance. Rivaled by a more compact and technologically packed vaporizer that challenges with concise jabs at its weaknesses. The Volcano seems to stay on top by my standards and those of many of its loyal users. 

If you’re looking for a more portable device that allows more consumption methods, the Herbalizer is a right fit for you, but in my opinion, if I’m looking for a desktop vaporizer that has a great build, a well rounded and well-thought engineering, and out of this world vapor quality, I am definitely sticking with the Volcano

If what you’re looking for is speed plus ample technology, the Herbalizer has the edge, nonetheless, I don’t mind it if my desktop vaporizer takes a little longer to heat up but has a bigger and more capable chamber that will excel at herbs and oils.

In every sense, although the Herbalizer has a ton of technology to battle it out, I still have enough reasons to stick with the Volcano. I love how it looks, how sturdy and well-made it feels, and the proven functionality and quality that is out of this world.

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