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Learn | 01.27.2022

Herb’s Guide To Nano THC Edibles

This technology takes the edible experience to the max. Created with Stiiizy.

If we asked, “what’s the one thing about cannabis edibles that bothers you?” chances are your answer touch on their slow onset of effects.

We’d like to introduce you to modern cutting-edge technology called nano or nano emulsification.

Cannabis products using this technology like Stiiizy’s Nano-Enhanced Gummy Triangles are making waves in the industry simply because these products have a speedy onset time and are just as potent.

Intrigued? Find out more on nano emulsification below.

What Is Nano?

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Nano emulsification is an innovative technology that uses nano (small) water-soluble molecules from cannabis oils to create beverages and edibles.

There are a few reasons why nano has become a highly-implemented method, which has been used in other industries like pharmaceuticals and cosmetics because it makes a desirable compound more bioavailable.

In terms of cannabis edibles, nano helps create a product that the body can absorb quickly, making sure the consumer gets the most out of each milligram.

Nano Edibles vs. Regular Edibles


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In order to feel the effects of THC, to begin with, the cannabinoids must be bioavailable, meaning the body can absorb them.

When a product is more bioavailable, this means you’ll need less of it to reach your desired effects. Cannabis products made with nano use what’s called emulsification, where two liquids that usually can’t be mixed (like oil and water) are mixed into a stable compound.

Because this process makes THC and CBD molecules smaller, you won’t need as much of the product to feel your desired effects compared to a non-nano cannabis product.


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Here’s where things get a little tricky. The potency of a nano cannabis product varies from CBD to THC. Nano CBD edibles tend to be less bioavailable than THC edibles because they break down in the liver, making them less potent.

On the other hand, nano THC enters the liver and transforms into a more powerful and potent psychoactive molecule, so opting for a nano THC edible might be your best bet.

Onset Time

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This is the main reason why people lean towards nano cannabis products. As we know, typical cannabis edibles can take anywhere from half an hour to one hour and a half to kick in entirely.

This is because traditional edibles are made by infusing them with fat-soluble cannabis oil that’s processed through the digestive system.

Nano cannabis products use tiny THC and CBD particles that directly pass through the digestive system because they’re so small and don’t need to be broken down further before heading into the bloodstream.

This makes for a record onset time of usually 15 to 20 minutes.

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