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Learn | 01.13.2022

Herb’s Guide To Stiiizy Extracts

Love dabbing? This one's for you.

Stiiizy’s extracts are made from live resin and live rosin. That makes them have a rich and complex flavor and aroma as closest to nature as possible.

Not to mention the superior potency.

These extracts come in all forms, and each of them offers a unique experience. That way, you can choose your favorite form of extract and which one to try next. 

Get high with the best extracts in a safe way by the hand of Stiiizy. Here’s our full breakdown.

About Stiiizy

Photo courtesy of Stiiizy

This brand is all about using the best technology available to grow their indoor strains.

Thus, Stiiizy goes the extra mile and makes innovation part of their products.

That is how Stiiizy takes care of the uplifting experience you expect to get from cannabis. And that they are not harmful to your health.

The quality of their flowers and innovation are essential aspects of making Stiiizy products.

Stiiizy Curated Live Resin Review

Stiiizy curated live resin is the purest form of flavor, aroma, and potency you can find. It is the most simple form of live resin extract.

But, its flavor and aroma are nothing simple. This extract preserves the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids.

When you try, it feels like a stream of aromas running from your face to your core. It concentrates there and explodes in a burst of blissfulness all over your body.

Stiiizy Live Rosin Badder Review

When you think of hand-crafted products, you expect the making to have no chemicals involved. That is, Stiiizy live rosin badder that is a solventless extract.

When you use it, you can be sure that the burst of potency and flavor that takes over your senses has no chemicals in it.

This is one of the purest and safest ways to use cannabis. You can even feel how it washes away the bad vibes from your body as you let it run into your lungs.

Stiiizy Live Rosin Jam Review

This live rosin jam has an inviting consistency that looks frosty as if it was covered in sugar.

But, don’t try to eat it. It tastes better when you dab it, and that way, you can sense all the complexity of its flavor.

As a live rosin extract, it is also solventless so that you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals involved in the making. Plus, it is lab-tested, as all Stiiizy products are.

Thus, you can enjoy it carefree.

Stiiizy Live Resin Diamonds Review

These diamonds are precious. Not because they are jewels you can wear, but because they are jewels you can dab.

The Stiiizy live resin diamonds are the solid form of the delightful live resin. Still, they are easy to melt so that you can enjoy the treasure they hold within.

They are as tasty and potent as other forms of live resin. And their solid consistency makes them easy to manipulate.

Show off these diamonds and let your senses go in the sea of flavors and effects that are waiting for you.

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