Herbworthy | 09.15.2022

Herbworthy: Keef’s Orange Kush Classic Soda

Discussing Keef's mouthwatering and nostalgic Orange Kush Classic Soda.

Just one sip of a certain beverage can trigger some deeply-locked memories.

When it comes to Keef’s Orange Kush Classic Soda, we adults now have an excuse to sip on a beverage flavor we cherished as kids. This time around, there’s a buzzy cannabis-infused spin to help take each sip to new, euphoric levels.

Keef’s many beverages are tried, true, and adored by consumers around the country. They’re favored for their distinct flavors, reasonable doses of THC, and easy accessibility.

But there’s one test that Keef’s Orange Kush Classic Soda hasn’t passed yet. Is it Herbworthy certified? Let’s find out.

About Keef's Orange Kush Classic Soda

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In a dainty 12 FL.OZ. can lies a sweet and mouth-watering orange soda. In fact, it’s wildly similar to traditional orange sodas, so be sure to keep it away from those who might confuse it for something without THC.

Besides that, the refreshing notes of orange citrus are derived from natural and artificial flavors, but aren’t overpowering. They settle on the tongue with a sweetly carbonated experience that also isn’t too strong.

The flavor is incredibly nostalgic. We’re sure anyone who was frequently seen with an orange soda in hand as a kid will adore sipping on something similar with a buzzy THC-infused kick.

Speaking of THC-infused, Keef’s Orange Kush Classic Soda contains 10mg of THC and is infused with rotating hybrid strains. The result is a balanced and blissed-out experience that’s perfect for any social setting.

And don’t be afraid to sip on these drinks at night, as all Keef Classic Sodas are caffeine-free.

Is Keef's Orange Kush Classic Soda Herbworthy Certified?

If you don’t like Keef’s Orange Kush Classic Soda, you probably don’t like fun. Anyone who’s a fan of citrus-flavored and nostalgic beverages will adore the bright and zesty carbonation within this 12 FL.OZ. can.

For that reason, we’re happy to say that Keef’s Orange Kush Classic Soda is Herbworthy certified with a rating of 5 stars. For a rundown on how we rate products, check out our Herbworthy Scorecard.

We rate edibles like beverages based on four main factors:

  • Flavor
  • Ingredients
  • Safety
  • Effectiveness

By far, the best thing about Keef’s Orange Kush Classic Soda is its delightful orange soda flavor. It’s packed with a zingy and zesty punch that doesn’t leave you with a weed aftertaste.

It’s a very safe beverage considering it only carries 10mg THC per can, a light dose for seasoned users, and a euphoric dose for beginners.

The only aspect about the ingredients that some consumers may not prefer is that it contains natural and artificial flavors and comes with 34 grams of sugar per 12oz can.

Other than that, it’s an incredibly effective and sleek beverage that will satisfy your canna cravings, provide a sweet social buzz, and bring you back to simpler times.

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