Herbworthy | 09.21.2022

Herbworthy: The Freeze Pipe

Is The Freeze Pipe Worth The Purchase? Does It Really Cool Down Your Hits? Let's Find Out.

Cold hits are good hits. But in the heat of the summer, we can’t always rely on our glass bongs to keep bong water cold.

When it comes to pipes, there aren’t too many options to help you get cold back-to-back hits. That is, until one product shimmied its way into the industry.

If you’re looking for new ways to experience your favorite strain without attacking the throat with a coughing spell, we’re happy to introduce you to the Freeze Pipe.

Before you go ahead and add the Freeze Pipe to your cart, let’s see if this product is Herbworthy certified. See more information about the Freeze Pipe below.

About The Freeze Pipe

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Warm bong water got you down? What about scratchy pipe hits that leave you in a coughing fit?

The Freeze Pipe solves all of those issues with two words; glycerin coil. That’s right; this state-of-the-art pipe features a freezable glycerin coil to make each sesh cool, cold, and crisp.

The coil is located smack-dab in the middle of the pipe. This means the smoke from your herb passes through the frozen chamber for an instant cooldown upon inhaling.

But how cold does the Freeze Pipe make your hits? About 300 degrees colder than they normally are. The result is a thick and puffy cloud of dense and cool smoke packed with cannabinoids and terpenes for an enjoyable high.

Simply put the Freeze Pipe in your freezer about one hour before you want to sesh, and the pipe will stay cold for hours.

Additionally, the pipe comes with a honeycomb-style bowl that makes ashing and packing easier than ever. It’s quite a handy pipe that surpasses the competition with a chilly and neat feature that any stoner will appreciate.

Is The Freeze Pipe Herbworthy Certified?

As mentioned above, there isn’t a stoner out there who would turn down a cold hit.

Why continue using your old reliable pipe that burns the throat when there are products out there designed to avoid that unpleasant sensation?

For that reason, we’re happy to declare that the Freeze Pipe is Herbworthy certified with a rating of 5. For a rundown on how we rate products, check out our Herbworthy Scorecard.

We rate accessories like pipes based on four main factors;

  • Innovation
  • Ease of Use
  • Relevance
  • Effectiveness

The Freeze Pipe is one of the most innovative pipes on the market. Who knew that all we needed for cold pipe rips was a freezable glycerin coil? It’s also one of the easiest innovative devices on the market; all you need to do is freeze it, pack it, and smoke it.

In terms of relevance, the company noticed the many consumers using their old reliable pipes and wanted to change that. Furthermore, the Freeze Pipe lets you experience cold hits without a bong.

So, basically, the Freeze Pipe smokes like a cold bong but doesn’t require the messy cleanup and care that a bong needs.

Lastly, the Freeze Pipe is more than effective. It’s your one-way ticket to pleasant smoking experiences that don’t result in a coughing fit but let you discover how easy and breezy smoking weed can be.

For more information about the Freeze Pipe, see the entire product rundown here.

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