Herbworthy | 11.24.2022

Herbworthy: The MAZE-X Pipe From Weedgets

Our complete rundown on the Tesla of smoking devices. Is it Herbworthy certified?

Out of all the technology and innovation within the cannabis industry, we have yet to find a product that diminishes one major drawback of smoking weed: coughing.

We all deserve to smoke weed and look fly as hell doing it, not hunched over in a coughing fit when it’s your turn on the rotation. That said, a new pipe on the market is said to be the Tesla of smoking devices for its mega smooth hits and innovative technology designed to reduce coughing.

Meet the MAZE-X Pipe by Weedgets. The brand’s founder, Michael Barenboym, spent over 35 years designing technologies to save people’s lives, from artificial heart systems to cancer ablation devices. Now, his team at Weedgets is keeping your health and comfort a top priority through its carefully-designed, innovative devices.

About The MAZE-X Pipe From Weedgets

As mentioned, Weedgets’ founder Barenboym is a world-renowned medical-device engineer and designer.

He’s now firmly planted in the cannabis industry and smoking community to develop devices that enhance the cannabis experience and ensure you’re never sacrificing your health.

For that reason, the renowned MAZE-X Pipe has a patented cough-less technology inside that dramatically cools the smoke and removes unwanted scooby snacks, tar, and resin from entering the mouth, throat, and lungs.

It’s also quite convenient in that it doesn’t require water to filter out the impurities. Instead, it uses waterless cooling and filtration technology, so you don’t have to look for the nearest tap before your next sesh.

All of the above helps users reduce their coughing with each puff. Instead of breaking a sweat, you’ll look and feel as cool as a cucumber. Furthermore, the cooled smoke enhances the flavor and quality of your strain, its terpenes, and its cannabinoids.

The MAZE-X Pipe lets you experience your favorite strain the way it was intended. It’s worth noting that this device was designed for short, gentle puffs. When used correctly, expect effortless sessions that bring out your inner connoisseur.

Is The MAZE-X Pipe Herbworthy Certified?

For one thing, the renowned MAZE-X Pipe dramatically reduces coughing. It also offers enhanced lung protection through innovative technology that blocks hot resin and tar from burning the throat.

It’s a pipe that lets you puff with confidence. That’s why we’ve given the MAZE-X Pipe by Weedgets a Herbworthy rating of 5 and the official Herbworthy Badge. For more information on how we rate products, visit our Herbworthy Scorecard.

We rate accessories like pipes based on the following four factors:

  • Innovation
  • Ease of Use
  • Relevance
  • Effectiveness

The MAZE-X Pipe from Weedgets is one of the most innovative and relevant devices on the market. Nobody wants to cough their sesh away, and nobody deserves to.

That’s why we highly recommend the user-friendly MAZE-X Pipe. It’s an ultra-relevant device in a sea of average pipes, helping smokers finally make the move from typical consumers to health-forward cannabis connoisseurs.

For more information about Weedgets, visit its website at weedgets.com.

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