Herbworthy | 09.07.2022

Herbworthy: The Puffco Peak

Can this smart rig take your dabs to new peaks?

You have to love the classics. Traditional joints, bongs, and rigs have been our old reliables for years.

When there’s something new on the market that puts a modern spin on a traditional product, it’s normal to feel hesitant at first and ask questions.

Is it worth the money? Is it worth the hype? Or anything else that challenges your typical cannabis consumption.

Today, we’re discussing the renowned, award-winning Puffco Peak, keeping your needs at the forefront of our review.

Let’s see if this popular and contemporary smart rig from Puffco is Herbworthy certified.

The Puffco Peak

The first stand-out feature of The Puffco Peak is its unique, triangular, lava-lamp shape. But upon looking further, you can quickly notice its contemporary dab rig details and features like the LED light band, ceramic bowl, and rugged silicone base.

What’s as impressive is the 20-second heat-up time. Can you imagine all that butane burned and time wasted torching up a standard dag rig? Besides that, the Puffco Peak has four different user heat settings designed for different experiences.

If you want to bring out the flavor of your concentrate, there’s a setting for that. Or, if you’re a beginner and need smaller clouds, you have that option too. If you want to pass around your Puffco Peak between a few friends, simply activate sesh mode and elongate your session, then puff, puff, pass.

And when you’re ready for a hit, The Peak provides haptic feedback the instant it’s reached your desired temperature. Finally, this smart rig can last up to 30 dabs on one charge and only needs 2 hours to reach full battery when using the supercharger.

Is The Puffco Peak Herbworthy Certified?

Dabbing with The Puffco Peak is a breeze. It’s an incredibly innovative smart rig that offers everything a modern stoner needs. 

 For that reason, we’re happy to give The Puffco Peak a rating of 5. For a rundown on how we rate products, check out our Herbworthy Scorecard. We rate accessories based on four main factors:

  • Innovation
  • Ease of use
  • Relevance
  • Effectiveness

Undoubtedly, The Peak is one of the most innovative smart rigs on the market. Its ergonomic and unique shape, paired with each modern feature, is every dabber’s dream. 

As mentioned, it’s also one of the easier smart rigs to use. 4 pre-set, unique settings let you experience your favorite concentrate in different ways. It also does all of the grunt work for you by heating up within 20 seconds. So say goodbye to your torches. 

This stand-out device can only benefit your dabbing experience. For more information about The Puffco Peak, click here

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