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Learn | 05.30.2022

Here’s Why You Should Use Cold Water In Your Bong

Cold rips over hot rips any day. Created with Chill Steel Pipes.

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis user or a newcomer, we’d like to welcome you to the world of chilled bong rips.

Yes, you will feel chill after hitting a bong, but we’re talking about the importance of crisp and cool water for the freshest tokes. 

Many debates question whether cold or warm water is better for bong tokes, and we can tell you that smoking from a bong of warm tea-like water is beneficial if you’re under the weather.

A sore throat would be shocked by the cool and crisp smoke from chilled water, so warm water does have some benefits. 

However, for the majority of your bong seshes, you should be filling your device with cold water.

Photo courtesy of Chill Steel Pipes

If you’re constantly looking for ways to keep your bong chilled, we’d like to introduce you to our innovative and helpful friends at Chill Steel Pipes

The Chill Bong is like no other, not only because it’s made of stainless steel and will remain cold far longer than glass bongs, but also because it’s incredibly durable. 

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The only glass piece of the Chill Bong is the borosilicate bowl, which doesn’t need cooling down.

It’s a minimal and modern look that also comes with an unbreakable aluminum downstem, so no more holding on for dear life when cleaning your downstream in the sink. 

The stainless steel bong is double-wall vacuum insulated, meaning your cold water will stay cold for up to 12 hours.

Similar to how intense travel mugs maintain the temperature of your drink, the Chill Bong maintains the temperature of the water inside. 

Photo courtesy of Chill Steel Pipes

Back to bong water temperature, cold water is your best bet for the least throat and lung irritation. Cold water cools the smoke before it enters your lungs, which essentially means you’re less likely to be hunched over in a coughing fit.

Cold bong water also preserves the herb’s potency and flavor profile, while warm or hot bong water can make for a steamy and diluted toke.

It’s essential to get the most out of each rip and not waste your weed’s precious flavor by filling your bong with warm or hot water. 

Don’t be afraid to fill your Chill Bong’s base with ice! You’ll make the experience even better.

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By filling the base of your Chill Bong with ice and water, you’re setting yourself up for the greatest sesh of your life. 

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