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Shaka Senghor Shares his Transformation Story and Discusses Prison Reform | Herb’s Highly Creative

An inspiring conversation about life's teachings and the harsh living conditions of many prisoners in the U.S. with a unique leader of this generation.

Photo courtesy of Shaka Senghor.

Shaka Senghor is a Detroit-born writer, speaker, and mentor. His memoir Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death and Redemption in an American Prison was released in 2016 and debuted in the New York Times Best Seller list. His 2014 TED Talk received a standing ovation and has been watched more than 1.6 million times. Shaka has been a guest on CNN, CBS This Morning, The Daily Show, and Oprah’s Super Soul podcast. He has received numerous awards, such as the 2016 EBONY Power100, 2016 Ford Man of Courage, 2016 NAACP Great Expectations Award, the 2015 Manchester University Innovator of the Year, and the 2012 Black Male Engagement (BMe) Leadership Award. Today, Shaka shares his story of redemption around the world.

Shaka ran away from an abusive home at the age of 14. On the streets, Shaka got pulled into a life of gangs, crime, and drugs. By the age of 19, he was a drug dealer and committed murder. He served a 19-year prison sentence, seven of which he spent in solitary confinement. While he was behind bars, Shaka learned about redemption and transformation through literature. His book shares his thoughts on resilience and how our actions do not define us. It also sheds light on the barbaric and degrading conditions in which people in prison live. After his release at the age of 38, Shaka became a mentor for young people following his footsteps and a strong advocate for criminal justice reform in America. Shaka’s story of transformation and second chances has inspired and helped millions who feel lost and hopeless. 

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July 09, 2020 — Last Updated August 20, 2020

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July 09, 2020 — Last Updated August 20, 2020

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