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Learn | 05.25.2022

How Is Social Media Influencing Cannabis Normalization?

Cannabis content creators are moving mountains.

We’ve all been influenced by social media

Whether it’s a product you want to try or a new life hack, there’s no doubt that social media has a major influence on society. 

Can we say the same for cannabis content creators on social media

Yes, in fact, our industry is starting to rely on influencers to promote safe, healthy, and mindful ways to use the plant. 

Here’s how social media is erasing the lingering stigmas around cannabis and normalizing our community, even when content creators are getting flagged for promoting drug use. 


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For decades, cannabis users have been put in a negative light. From the many anti-weed advertisements to Reagan’s war on drugs, cannabis users were never the winners. 

But, in the age of social media and all things internet, we can connect with niche communities like cannabis users and discuss

  • Shared experiences
  • Our personal reasons for using cannabis
  • The benefits we receive from cannabis use

More Eyes

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It’s unfortunate to say that most major social media platforms still don’t tolerate cannabis content. Many entrepreneurs, influencers, and brands have struggled with 

  • Shadowbanning
  • Getting their account deleted
  • Getting flagged for inappropriate content surrounding drug use

However, most of these social media issues exist within countries where cannabis is illegal at a federal level. 

From a Canadian perspective, marketing your brand on social media has become necessary.

Not only is social media the most commonly used medium for news, information, and more, but it could spread helpful cannabis content to people who’ve never tried it before and want to learn how they can benefit. 


The normalization of cannabis is almost upon us.

In terms of the United States, brands and cannabis account holders on social media still struggle with getting flagged for drug use.

Even in states where cannabis is legal, social media platforms like Instagram don’t want anything to do with promoting a federally illegal drug.

Cannabis influencers in weed-friendly states can get away with promoting how they use cannabis in their everyday lives, not promoting that you use cannabis products.

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Cannabis influencers worldwide are making a huge difference. They’re helping erase the stigma by changing the misconception that weed is a hippie, male-dominated drug. 

Instead, presenting an aesthetically pleasing lifestyle that incorporates cannabis shifts how society views weed users. 

Interestingly, most cannabis content creators are women

Social media has helped boost the cannabis community in a number of ways. But most importantly, it’s helped shed new and refreshing light onto those who use it. 

With the endless research surrounding cannabis and its benefits, we’re finally getting one step closer to normalizing cannabis use not just in our community but worldwide. 

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