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Learn | 05.09.2022

How To Protect Your Cannabis Plants From Thieves

The easiest ways to ensure your plants never get stolen.

Do you live in a densely populated area? If so, you’re probably used to locking up your belongings and keeping them away from the public’s sight. 

Even if you live in a “safe” suburban neighborhood, your precious cannabis plants might be at risk of being stolen. 

So what can you do to protect your weed plants from thieves?

Set Up Cameras

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With modern technology at our grasp, it’s become extremely common for homes and residences to set up a camera system.

Your best bet is a motion-activated camera. Yes, it picks up every movement, from the late-night raccoons to leaves blowing by.
These notifications may get annoying, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

This is a great way to ensure you’re protecting your cannabis plants in the yard and your entire home. It helps to put some camera stickers around to let the public know your home is being monitored.

Keep Your Operations On The DL

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Whether you’re growing plants on a patio or in an isolated backyard, it’s best to keep your operations on the down low.

The only people to know about your plants in the backyard should be those you live with; anyone else can be risky.

Of course, you may want to tell your friends. Just ensure you know who to trust and who won’t spread the word. Plus, you never know who’s listening in on your conversations.

The second you mention your tall, bushy cannabis plant sitting in the backyard, thieves may take this as motivation to hop the fence and rip your buds away.

Invest In Some Chains

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This is especially helpful if you’ve planted inside pots or grow bags. 

If you’re more of a ground soil cultivator, this may not be of help (unless you find ways to carefully lock up the plant without damaging it).

When using handy grow bags, it’s best to attach a chain to the side handles and lock it up around a post or fence. 

Doing this will;

  • Keep your plants safe and secure
  • Let you hear chains clanging if a thief is messing with your plant
  • Give you more time to catch them in the act

If you’re using pots that don’t have handles, try drilling a couple of holes near the bottom to feed the chain through. Just ensure the holes are small enough for the chains and won’t leak dirt or water. 

These are just a few ways to protect your precious plants from thieves; some others include;

  • Letting your dog roam the backyard throughout the day
  • Setting up operations in a slightly hidden, discreet place
  • Covering your plants with a sheer tarp/curtain to minimize visuals

If you haven’t had a problem with thieves in the past, it’s best to use at least one of the methods mentioned above. After all, you never know when danger will strike

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