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How To Use A Bubbler Pipe: The Complete Guide

Here's everything you need to know about these bubbly gadgets.

Earth, fire, water, air. When smoking in a bubbler, all the elements come together to give rise to one of the preferred ways of smoking cannabis by many users worldwide. When talking about smoking, most people do not usually think of water or bubbles. But for any knower of the subject, this will sound like a perfect combination.

Of course, we are not talking about immersing your precious buds directly into the water. But without a doubt, passing that delicious hot smoke loaded with cannabic power through water will give your smoking experience a genuinely comforting and refreshing turn.

Pipes practically exist since humanity has memory. Currently, there is an infinity of different types of pipes, smoking devices, and new ways of enjoying your buds. But we can confidently say that bubblers are among the new classics of smoking devices. ​​

Even for some cannabis connoisseurs, the very term bubbler comes in with that characteristic bubbling sound that can bring joy to any moment of a stoner day.

But before, check out our favorite bubbler:

What Is A Bubbler?

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In short, a bubbler is a portable smoking device that combines the benefits of a bong with those of a regular hand pipe. Bubblers also have an additional carb hole to the bowl where you pack the herb to burn it, just like dry pipes. 

If you’re wondering how to use a bubbler pipe properly, the answer is actually pretty easy. You just have to fill the water chamber with a little bit of water below the carb hole level, pack the bowl with your favorite bud, and light the thing up. You’ll be taking smooth and cool tokes, just like you would do with a bong but in a softer and more discreet way.

Advantages Of Using A Bubbler

So, why use a bubbler instead of a regular hand pipe or a bong? Well, A bubbler will literally bubble up to your smoking experience, bringing together the best of both water pipes and dry pipes in one handy and practical device.

This is why bubblers have become one of the favorite and most sought-after smoking devices by cannabis users today.

So let’s go over some of the advantages of using a bubbler.

Clean & Fresh Smoke

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Unlike your standard hand pipe, a bubbler will pass the hot cannabis smoke through a water chamber that will smooth and cool the smoke a bit before it reaches your lips, the same as a bong does.

Another advantage of passing the smoke through the water is that it will clean up a bit since many of the impurities and resulting combustion residues will remain in the water and thus will not reach your throat or lungs.

This ensures a more pleasant and even healthier experience when smoking.

Stealth & Portability

We can say that a bubbler is something like the ninja version of a bong in the sense of discretion. Due to their size, bubblers can be stowed away much more quickly than a traditional bong.

Bubblers are also quieter. This allows you to be more discreet when you smoke near others. Its practical hand size also makes them easier to transport since it can fit in any bag as long as it is well protected.

Better Bouquet

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The water chamber of a bubbler filters and cleanses the smoke before it reaches your lips; this causes many of the toxins and combustion residues that most of the time modify the flavor of the puff to remain in the water. The result is a better bouquet and flavor when smoking. In fact, it is one of the best ways to taste the true flavor of your bud.

Simplicity & Durability

The vast majority of bubblers do not have removable parts. Therefore you will not have to worry about losing any piece. Most bubblers are made of glass, usually thicker glass than bongs; this makes them last longer, as long as you don’t drop them.


There are many different bubbler models available online and at many dispensaries and smoking accessory stores. That’s why getting the bubbler of your choice is usually as easy as Googling the phrase “buy bubbler” or simply heading to the closest smoking accessories store to you.

Disadvantages Of Using A Bubbler

Depending on the point of view from which you look at it, everything in life can have a negative side. In the case of bubblers, it can also be like this. For some users, some of the disadvantages of bubblers are

Tough To Clean

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This can be one of the most significant disadvantages of bubblers. Generally, this type of water pipes are a solid piece of glass or some other material, and this can make the bubbler cleaning process difficult since it can be challenging to reach some areas, and its size makes it necessary to clean it more frequently.

Forget About Customizing

Another disadvantage of bubblers is that they are generally not as customizable as bongs. This is because bubblers are usually made of a single solid piece of glass or some other heat-resistant material and do not have removable or changeable parts, unlike bongs, which can be decked with new accessories as long as they fit them.

Smaller Hits

Although this is seen as an advantage for some people, it turns out to be the opposite for some others. The bowls of bubblers are usually smaller than those of a bong, and they burn faster. While this is very convenient when trying to get a quicker smooth smoke on the go, it can be impractical for group smoking sessions and toke sharing.

Bubbler vs Bowl

The biggest differences between bubblers and regular bowls are the design, the price, and the smoking experience. If we put it this way, we will hardly find a winner since the winner will depend mainly on your personal needs or tastes in the battle of bubbler vs bowls.

Some people will prefer a smaller bowl as they are more concealable, although this means sacrificing smoothness when smoking.

However, bubblers have the great advantage that they can also function as a bowl if you do not add water, and by adding water, you ensure a much more subtle and clean smoke.


If we talk about design, the difference between bubblers and bowls lies in the way they are made and, therefore, in the way they work. Although there are a few different types of bubblers available on the market, most share many similarities in their design. Their shape can fall into the category of sherlock pipes, having a curved design that makes them look more like a dab rig or a sherlock pipe than a bowl.

Like bowls, bubblers also have a carb hole, a bowl pack, and a spout. The difference is that the bubblers have a water chamber at the bottom. However, there is a wide variety of both types of pipes and designs available on the market when it comes to bowls. Some types of hand pipes are spoon-pipe, Sherlock pipes, one-hitters, chillums, and steamrollers.

Despite all the types of hand pipes out there, a general fact is that no hand pipe can compete with the smoothness and freshness that water filtration gives to a pull.


As for the price, for the most part, bowls are cheaper than bubblers. For a standard hand pipe, the price is generally around $15 to $35. There are some more complex designs or more exotic materials that can cause this price to increase. While for a bubbler, the price is usually between $30 to $50 for a regular bubbler. However, the smoothness that a bubbler offers you when smoking is worth the price.


Many users prefer bowls because of their practicality and size. But, if you usually smoke regularly in a hand pipe, you will know very well what are some of the disadvantages of this type of pipe: they tend to clog easily, sometimes they let ashes or embers pass through that can even burn your throat.

While the water chamber of a bubbler will generally avoid this problem and you will notice the incredible difference that a little water can make to your smoking experience.

How To Clean A Bubbler

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Cleaning may be the not-so-fun but essential part of owning a bubbler. Like bongs and hand pipes, bubblers also tend to collect dirt or even clog with frequent use. However, cleaning and maintaining your bubbler can be much easier than you think. If you want to know how you can give your usual bubbler a good cleaning, just follow these steps:

  1. Drain the water chamber of the bubbler and make sure it is completely empty.
  2. Rinse the bubbler with hot water. Doing this will help loosen gunk and grime. 
  3. Use rubbing alcohol and salt. Try to use isopropyl alcohol and sea salt, so it doesn’t dissolve too easily.
  4. You can also put the entire bubbler inside a zip bag filled with this alcohol-salt solution for 30 minutes to let the solution work for itself. This will probably give you better results.
  5. Once the bubbler is filled with the alcohol and salt solution, place your thumbs on the holes or seal them with cotton or cork and shake the bubbler, so the solution starts cleaning the inside of it.
  6. Use a pipe cleaner, a q-tip, or a toothbrush to clean up the remains and be able to get to the tricky corners. 
  7. Make sure to properly clean the bowl and the stem on the inside of your bubbler, and that’s it. Your bubbler should be clean as new and ready to use again.

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