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Is Live Rosin Really The Cleanest Concentrate?

Let's discuss what really makes a concentrate "clean."

Do you know the difference between live resin and live rosin? If so, you’re likely aware that what separates these two concentrates is their extraction process.

Live resin uses solvents like butane and propane, whereas live rosin doesn’t involve chemical solvents, mainly water, heat, pressure, and agitation. Knowing this, you might think that live rosin is the cleanest option. That’s simply not the case.

We at Herb strive to help you become a more informed cannabis user. Only then will you know which products are worthwhile, which to avoid, and what to expect from your chosen goods.

This time around, we’re discussing the common misconception that live rosin is the cleanest cannabis concentrate. Read on to learn more about this extract and why you might believe it’s the most natural option.

Live Resin Vs. Live Rosin

Let’s chat about the “clean” nature behind both of these popular extracts. As mentioned, the only thing separating these two extracts is their extraction process.

Because of this, many consumers believe that live rosin is “cleaner” than live resin, considering live rosin doesn’t use chemical solvents. That’s not the case.

I saw an excellent Instagram post from Lindsay MaHarry, aka @_oystergirl_, who discussed the topic thoroughly. In fact, her passion for this topic inspired me to write this piece. The people have to know!

She stated that clean cannabis “is one of the most misleading branding terms of the last few years, especially when it’s used to describe solventless vs. solvent extracts,” like live rosin and live resin. The truth is, clean cannabis is bullshit. Just because live rosin doesn’t use chemical solvents doesn’t make it any cleaner than live resin.

In fact, MaHarry explains that proper solvent extracts “don’t contain any residual solvents, and can be cleaner and easier on the lungs than those produced using water heat or agitation because they contain less plant matter.”

In other words, a good quality live resin will be free of all solvents in the final product, making it just as “clean” as live rosin. So, that poses the question, what makes a cannabis extract “clean”?

So, What Makes A Concentrate "Clean"?

In the simplest terms, the process used by the extractors determines whether a concentrate is “clean” or not. Unfortunately, it may take some trial and error to determine which extracts are good quality based on your experience, the flavors, and the effects.

Both live resin and live rosin can be potent, free of solvents, delicious, and effective, but they can also be garbage. This GREATLY depends on the extractors, the practices used, and, of course, the quality of the flower from which live rosin and live resin are extracted.

The key takeaway is: don’t let the use of chemical solvents influence you to avoid solvent extracts. Similarly, just because an extract is “solventless” doesn’t make it any cleaner or better than solvent extracts. It all comes down to flower quality and the extractor’s processes.

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