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Learn | 03.16.2023

Lobo Launches In Massachusetts, Marking The Brand’s East Coast Expansion

MA natives, are you ready for Lobo's premium rolls?

Tired of lacklustre pre-rolls? Maybe you’re looking for something bigger, better, and stronger. We’re on a mission to connect you with the best cannabis products on the market. When Lobo enters the equation, our mission is complete.

Massachusetts natives, you’re in luck! This premium pre-roll and flower brand is blessing recreational users and medical patients alike with the strongest rolls on the market. From elevated blunts like the Presidente Infused Glass-Tip Blunt to the Minis 7-Pack Half-Gram Infused Joints, this is a brand that knows quality like the back of its hands.

Read on to learn more about Lobo, a deep dive into the best-selling products, and other states where Lobo’s products are available.

What's In Store?

Looking for infused pre-rolls and blunts that hit? Check out Lobo’s best-selling products below.

Minis 7-Pack Half-Gram Infused Joints

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A joint for every day of the week or one for everyone in your crew. This pack of half-gram joints comes with seven rolls that use premium hybrid flower infused with a generous dose of kief.

Fuerte Infused Glass-Tip Joint

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Not only do these Fuerte joints hit hard, but they come with a reusable glass tip for more enjoyable and sustainable sessions. This 1g joint is infused with kief, rolled in premium hemp paper, and packed with top-shelf hybrid flower.

Presidente Infused Glass-Tip Blunt

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Last but certainly not least is the beautiful, powerful, and refined Presidente, too pretty to be called a blunt. This colossal roll features two grams of premium hybrid flower infused with kief and rolled to perfection in a hemp paper wrap with a reusable glass tip.

About Lobo

Founded by Eduardo Whittington and Aaron Raskin in 2017, Lobo’s products are every stoner’s dream—especially those who prefer rolling one up.

The brand’s first products were luxurious, high-end cannagars glazed in potent live resin and expertly rolled in cured cannabis fan leaves. From there, Lobo expanded with other potent additions like the Minis 7-Pack Half-Gram Infused Joints and much more.

Fun fact, Lobo made history by being the first sale at the first legal adult-use cannabis store in New York. Furthermore, the brand heavily supports and encourages women in weed. One of their farm partners, women-owned Fat Nell, produces top-shelf flower loaded with terpenes and rich THC levels ranging from 22-27%.

Today, Lobo continues to win over the hearts of stoners nationwide. More specifically, the brand currently operates through licensed partners in the following states and countries:

  • California
  • Oregon
  • Colorado
  • Arizona
  • Massachusetts
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Canada

For more products and information about Lobo, visit their website at

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